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Art and NFTs Demo Day Agenda

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

WEquil Group Adults - 1 PM EST

This demo day is where adult members from all across WEquil Group share their projects on anything they think will add value to you and our community.

Project Links

WEquilCraft by BADRonin

Local Learning Communities with Justin Shell

Flutter Apps with Brandon McEachern

Startup Partnership with Junaid Ackroyd

WEquil.School Youth Members - 2 PM EST

This demo day is where youth members of WEquil.School showcase their project related to the weekly topic.

Project Links

Denatsu Sora by Mina R

Fancy Octopus by Brigit C

Orochi by Brigit C

Cobia by Brigit C

Galaxy Dragon by Brigit C

Art Museum by Aila M

David's NFT by David

Jane's NFT by Jane

WEquil.Capital - 3 PM EST

WEquil.Capital is as branch of WEquil Group focused on building the most collaborative hedge fund in the world by following the same deep learning process students, and all members across WEquil Group use to learn most effectively and efficiently.

Project Links

WEquilPunks NFT Collection by many members across WEquil Group

WEquilPunks with Vishal D

WEquilPunks with Princedede

WEquilPunks with Innocent

WEquil.Startups - 4 PM EST

WEquil.Startups is a branch of WEquil Group that helps people grow their business ideas to reach equilibrium.

Project Links

Juan with PleasrDAO Interview premier:


How to Watch Demo Day?

To watch demo day's Live go to the WEquil School Facebook page.

To watch past demo days go to the WEquil YouTube Channel



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