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Brigit's Digital Art Collection

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

For this art I just saw a tutorial on tiktok, and figured it was easy, so I tried it. It proved to be rather fun as well, so I gave it a nice top hat, a bowtie, and a mustache to make it look fancy. It was just a quick easy thing to draw, and I had enough motivation to do it! I also named him Blueberry.

Hi! My name is Brigit ... and this is my digital art collection. Check back later for updates.


I won this dragon in a draw to adopt! The person hosting it had a headshot and we had to make a full body and a backstory if we wanted it. I won so I got to keep her and I named her Orochi! She travels around the continent with a group of other dragons, and they help others, play music, and just look for anything interesting!

So this is actually an oc of mine, he was originally a human but I wanted to give him a dragon form since I’m better at those! I made him into a SeaWing like dragon since his human form is sorta like a merman, he can breath underwater.

I saw a super pretty color palette, and just really wanted to use it, so I made a little doodle and colored it with the palette! It reminded me of a galaxy, with the little yellow shapes and the white stripes. I just added the drip to the bottom because I thought it would look good, and I liked it so I kept it!

I use IbispaintX to draw, it’s free and really good! It does have ads but they’re bearable. I used to use Sketchbook, but it didn’t have too many brush options, and I didn’t like drawing on it. I also draw traditionally (pencil and paper), and to me it’s easier to draw traditional, but I prefer digital coloring.

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