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Project-Based, Self Directed Learning

Discover how curious kids can be during our four week program.

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Why Choose WEquil School?


Members of WEquil School connect and collaborate every day, locally and online through learning pods, clubs, classes and microschools that relate to their interests and individual needs.

Building Confidence

Through creating something meaningful young people are motivated to push themselves and recognize the impact they can have on the world.

Project-Based Learning

By applying knowledge we have found that students acquire a deeper knowledge of subjects because their real-world applications are self-evident.


Leverage technology to document your learning journey, create value for the world, connect with others and discover your personalized success.

Skills for the Future

At WEquil School students learn skills such as learning how to learn, collaboration, public speaking, execution, setting goals, effectively using technology and much more.

Personalized to Each Individual

Our process adapts to each individual's strengths, interests and passions. Helping them leverage what makes them unique to add value to themselves and others.


Full Service K-12 Learning Program and Community
Project-Based + Real World Learning Philosophy
Personalized through Learning Pods & Co-Ops
Join and Create Clubs, Classes, and Microschools
Support for students with special needs

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Program Overview

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Start Your Learning Journey

Purchase the WEquil School Program for $600 through the “Sign Up” tab in the WEquil School Room. Enroll in the four week program in two $300 parts.

Step One

Fill out this Google Form

Step Two

Sign up through the Room

Step Three

Notify our team when to start

Step Four

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