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Ever since the pandemic started the founders of WEquil School have been dedicated to empowering young people around the world to love learning by doing real things. If we've made a positive impact in your life, or believe in our mission we would appreciate any show of support. Here are a few ways you can support us.

Patreon is a donation platform where supporters are able to support creators with a donation of their choosing. We are incredibly appreciative of any donations provided as a show of support you have for what we are trying to do, along with our mission.

Subscribing to our YouTube channel helps us reach more kids that may benefit from WEquil School. We put out content featuring learning pods, classes and microschools as well as content on how to do project based learning.

You can Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to get updates on what we are doing to improve our service and product. This helps you learn more about opportunities provided within our ecosystem of educational opportunities of teachers and parents.

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