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About Us

The story behind WEquil School

WEquil School's goal is to help young people around the world learn by doing real things based on their strengths and interests. We help you create a portfolio of work to showcase this to the world and build your digital resume. 

Examining Molecule Model

Our Story

When the pandemic hit, two girls, Sumay (11) and Aila (8) needed to find a way to learn on their own with schools shutting down around the country. Using online resources such as Khan Academy, Crash Course, and other YouTube channels they started learning about things they were interested in. In the first month they published around 50 projects about all the subjects they were learning about including cosmology, psychology, biology, physics, history, 3D Printing, genomics, and more!

They were learning 10x faster while learning about things they were interested in, creating something with what they learned, and teaching it to their friends. Using this philosophy WEquil School was born to help people all over the world learn by doing real things.

We are now building WEquil.App to scale this solution for free to anyone. WEquil School currently helps people use our project-based model in their very own Virtual Learning Pods. We understand the importance of local connections and help homeschoolers establish pods for kids to socialize and share their projects. By doing a project every week, young people build a formidable digital resume containing hundreds of projects spanning a wide variety of subjects.

Meet The Team

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