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Greetings From India 🇮🇳

Greetings from India! 🇮🇳

I apologize for not keeping in touch recently, as I've been recovering from a memorable 30-hour train ride from Chandigarh to Nagpur. Sleep was a luxury during the journey, and my diet mostly consisted of sugar biscuits! 😂

Currently, I'm based in Nagpur, where we've rented a two-bedroom AirBnB serving as our base camp. It feels like a Bollywood version of "The Social Network" here, with a vibrant community gathering to learn more about WEquil.App and Nagpur WEquil School.

Among our companions are Mboya (28) and Abhinav (15), who have been staying with us, while others join us during the day to explore the possibilities of WEquil.App.

One particularly exciting story is how we've brought Abhinav's entire family into the WEquil community! ☺️ Abhinav, proudly wearing the WEquil shirt, along with his older siblings Minal and Shreyash, are creating unique classes on game creation, digital design, and video editing.

These classes, like others on WEquil, focus on learning by doing, eliminating the need for traditional homework, grades, or tests.

Shreyash, a movie creation expert who has contributed to several blockbuster films in India, faced a challenge in showcasing his talents and expertise, which unfortunately resulted in earning well below the poverty line in the USA. Fortunately, Sumay Lu's team came to the rescue by introducing the "Digital Resume" feature, allowing users to display their projects from major platforms such as YouTube, Medium, GitHub, and personal websites as tangible proof of their work.

As an is a screenshot of Sumay's Digital Resume taken from the app, also available on the desktop (link below).

Empowered by the WEquil.App, Minal, Shreyash, and Abhinav are now working with me to launch their own freelance companies, taking advantage of the significantly lower cost of living in India compared to the USA. They leverage their expertise and exemplary work as part of their classes, offering students not only the opportunity to learn but also the chance to earn through the same "Rooms" connecting them to freelance opportunities.

Amidst all the exciting developments, we're also having a lot of fun! 🤩 We miss all of you and look forward to sharing more updates from our journey.

Sending warm regards and love ❤️

P.S. Here are some cool videos we've been making for fun during our trip 😃 You can find more on that WEquil.App channel as well as the one for WEquil.School.

P.S.S. We've also continued our #GlobalSchool podcast on Twitter. Here is the latest one from last night led by three of our students explaining how to teach self-directed education 😮

Absolutely phenomenal 🤩


Joe Lu

Co-Founder of WEquil.School



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