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WEquil School Program

Welcome to the WEquil School Program! Here we help families leverage technology and our learning philosophy to find personalized success. This is a four week program where our Learning Coaches guide you through how to follow our self-directed, project-based learning process. Let’s walk you through how this works and what you will learn throughout our program.

Why Choose WEquil School?

  1. Community: Members of WEquil School connect and collaborate every day, locally and online through learning pods, clubs, classes and participating microschools that relate to their interests and individual needs.

  2. Technology: Leverage technology to document your learning journey, create value for the world, connect with others and discover your personalized success.

  3. Building Confidence: Our students learn to become responsible and self-directed very quickly through our weekly process. Through creating something meaningful young people are motivated to push themselves and recognize the impact they can have on the world.

  4. Skills for the Future: We cannot predict what the future will look like. However, we can equip young people with skills that we know will empower them to find success no matter the environment. Skills such as: learning how to learn, collaboration, public speaking, execution, setting goals, effectively using technology and much more.

  5. Project-Based Learning: By applying knowledge we have found that students acquire a deeper knowledge of subjects because their real-world applications are self-evident. Students also benefit from the natural multi-disciplinary as the process of creation integrates many skills such as writing, public speaking, and use of technology like Google Docs, spreadsheets, video editors, and digital art tools, and programming languages.

  6. Personalized to Each Individual: Our process adapts to each individual's strengths, interests and passions. Helping them leverage what makes them unique to add value to themselves and others.

Program Overview

What will you get?

  • Full Service K-12 Learning Program and Community

  • Project-Based + Real World Learning Philosophy

  • Personalized through Learning Pods & Co-Ops

  • Join and Create Clubs, Classes, and Microschools

  • Support for students with special needs

Course Structure

Week by week structure of the WEquil School program.

Week One: Orientation

  • Meet Our Learning Coaches

  • Learn to navigate WEquil App

  • Introduction to our Learning Philosophy

  • Write an About Me project to introduce yourself to our community

  • Learn about our Universal Principles

Week Two: Community

  • Join clubs, classes and learning pods related to your interests

  • Create a community project to connect with others

  • Learn to manage projects using the Digital Resume function

Week Three: Launch Your Learning Pod

  • Create your personalized learning environment

  • Invite members to your Learning Pod

  • Learn about opportunities for your Learning Pod such as creating classes, co-ops and selling products and services

  • Receive training in Digital Intelligence and safety

Week Four: Personalized Success Plan

  • Create your family’s personalized success plan

  • Set educational and developmental goals

  • Launch your Learning Pod on WEquil App

Upon Completion

Upon completion of the WEquil School Program and paying our annual Membership Fee you will become a WEquil Member. This comes with many benefits along with access to the WEquil Community outlined here:

  • WEquil Community: The WEquil Community is an exclusive community for those that have gone through our membership program. This ensures all of our members have a solid understanding of our philosophy and Universal Principles.

  • WEquil Sponsored Communities: WEquil Sponsored Communities are exclusive communities for WEquil Members. These are all based in our learning philosophy and are endorsed by the WEquil Leadership ensuring quality. WEquil Members are also able to create WEquil Sponsored Communities by following our process.

  • Demo Day: All WEquil Members can join Demo Day hosted by the WEquil Community.


“My two boys joined WEquil School during the pandemic. Their first project was a comedy video called, "How to Annoy Your Brother!" It was the first of many. At WEquil I felt so welcome despite being from a small town in North Dakota. Sumay even interviewed me! My boys still create projects at WEquil School in the evenings and weekends despite going back to public school. Thank you for bringing us into your community!”

Zaynab, Parent

“Unschooling is my passion. I'm a homeschool dad on a unique journey with my son Kai. Kids at WEquil School interviewed me about my ideas and a podcast I do with my son. WEquil is a diverse group from many walks of life, but everyone I've met so far is very curious and compassionate.”

Dan Moeller, Parent

“During the pandemic I discovered WEquil School after watching Sumay's interviews on YouTube. Since then I have come to view Sumay and her sister Aila as two of my best friends. They helped me learn to make money so that now I can provide a good life for my family in India.”

Abhinav Madke, Student

“WEquil has been great for my daughter! She has been excited about learning and sharing what she learns with others. She's learning how to use tech tools in a responsible way, and building her confidence at the same time.”

Nicole Coustier, Parent

Enrollment Details

Enroll through the “Sign Up” tab in the WEquil School Room. You can enroll in the four week program in two parts.

How to Enroll

  1. Join the WEquil School Room at this link:

  2. Fill out this Google Form:

  3. Sign up for Part 1 of 2 for the first two weeks of the WEquil School Program through the Sign Up tab in the WEquil School Room

  4. Notify our team through the discussion board when you would like to get started with the program.


Thank you for learning about the WEquil School Program! We hope to serve families by empowering them to find personalized success, leverage technology and their strengths, interests and passions. We can’t know what the future will look like, but we do know that children can better prepare themselves through doing real things in the real world and building the necessary skills to communicate effectively, collaborate with others, create value and communicate who they are and their competencies.

If you have any questions please reach out to our team through the discussion board of the WEquil School Room.


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