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Myths On Meditation

One myth is that meditation must be practiced in total silence. Vipassana meditation is about focusing on your breath which is the type of meditation many people might think of at first. The goal of this type of meditation is to go beyond our thoughts and think about how we breathe.

The second myth is that meditation is meant to clear the mind. Meditation is watching your thoughts, knowing that you are mindful, being aware. Tactics to feel concentrated can be things such as mindfully breathing and taking a look at your actions once in a while to see how you’re feeling at the moment. Sometimes, we have a ‘monkey mind’ where we feel anxious, all over the place, and even feel a complete loss of control!

The last myth that I will tell you about is that meditation is to make you calm or feel better. Sometimes when people meditate, they might find themselves stuck in negative thoughts that have been hidden deep inside their heart, quite unable to get out.

So really, meditation is about finding the stuff in you, being aware of your thoughts whether positive or negative. Meditation in many different environments, whether fast, slow, loud or quiet. We inherited our ancestors’ cautious brains, but all it does now is make us ruminate about the bad times we have. But things like meditation can stop the negativity bias right in its tracks!



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