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Level 0 - Core


WEquil.School students begin by learning about core foundational skills such as reading, writing, and mathematics so that they have the tools to create projects that add value to others.

Level 2 - Discover


Intellectual Intelligence - Stretch yourself to explore more objective aspects of reality such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Projects to demonstrate would show an ability to deeply understand, connect and relate these skills and knowledge to the students life.

Level 4 - Scale


Digital Intelligence - Understand the software revolution, the power of zero cost scalability, and the impact on human systems. Projects to demonstrate may include programming, data science, machine learning, social media, and the nature of digital capital formation.

Level 1 - Create


Creative Intelligence - Leverage your interests and passions to create value through the arts. Projects to demonstrate this may include comedy, fictional literature, animation, games, dance, and other subjects that are naturally enjoyable to children.

Level 3 - Grow


Emotional Intelligence - Discovery and appreciate your  unique self and accept the human condition. Projects to demonstrate this may include Positive Psychology, Personality Types, Communication Styes, Love Languages, Cultural Differences, and Human History.

Level 5 - Launch


Practical Intelligence - Create of value that creates economic value. Projects to demonstrate this may include development of a product or service that is able to generate income. Learn more about our students startups and how they are already changing the world.

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