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Why do Project Based Learning?

WEquil.School is a project-based learning (PBL) program for kids who learn better by doing real things to prepare for the real world. We help to facilitate this dynamic student-led approach by helping to structure "Creative Projects" tailored to each students needs and unique strengths and interests of our students.

The main reason for doing PBL is that it works because kids love it!

Here is a short video that gives a helpful overview...

Project based learning (PBL) is how we implement our Five Principles of Learning:

  1. Teach to problems not tools

  2. No grades, iterate and improve

  3. Share and learn with others

  4. Build on strengths, interests and passions

  5. Teaching is a great way to learn

Our research backing these principles is available here and in a constant state of iterative improvement. Creative projects provides the best starting place for implementing these principles because...

  1. Teach to problems not tools - Projects always involving using as opposed to learning about tools. Learning to use tools comes naturally as a part of each project. As a result, the use of tools is always relevant to the student leading to faster learning and retention.

  2. No grades, iterate and improve - Projects can always be improved upon unlike a graded assignments and tests that do not reflect work in the world. Real value is created through a process of iterative improvement without limits on success.

  3. Share and learn with others - Projects provide students with an opportunity to create something of value to other people and connect around shared interests. This is critical because everything of significant value today requires socialization and collaboration.

  4. Build on strengths, interests and passions - Projects allow students flexibility to learn about who they are and build their specific knowledge. By following the path of specific knowledge they become uniquely powerful and thus irreplaceable.

  5. Teaching is a great way to learn - Creative projects are both novel and useful. This provides students an opportunity to teach others...expediting their confidence and freeing them to become curious about themselves and the world.

WEquil.School focuses on Creative Projects because they provide the most powerful opportunities for student success.


WEquil Family


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