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Unity in the Homeschooling Community: Embracing Our Shared Goals

Thank you to every homeschooler who has contributed to your community. In this article my family shares some background on why we created these Facebook groups, challenges we have faced, and our hope for the future. This essay is organized as follows:

  1. Our Story: A Vision for Homeschool Communities

  2. Nonconformist Dilemma: Why Homeschoolers Challenge Cooperation

  3. Our Choice to Homeschool: Technology and Project-Based Learning

  4. Universal Principles: Why We Don't Discriminate

  5. Ten Ways We Can Unite the Homeschooling Community

1. Our Story: A Vision for Homeschool Communities

When the pandemic hit my family embarked on our homeschooling journey. We were inspired by the endless possibilities that the flexibility of homeschooling could offer. We only knew two other families in the world that homeschooled ... one in Florida and another in Iowa. Few in Falls Church Virginia choose to homeschool because the public schools are actually quite good, at least relative to other public schools. So we got to work trying to build a vibrant, connected, and supportive homeschooling community in Northern Virginia (NoVA) starting with this network of Facebook groups.