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How to Start Your Own Project-Based Microschool

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The pandemic had dramatically different effects on families across the United States and they world. While many children suffered during the school lockdowns, the WEquil Family stumbled upon a breakthrough in education that forever changed their lives.

Sumay and her little sister Aila created a learning community called WEquil School in March of 2020. They were ten and seven at the time, but with a little help from their parents found a way to learn far more effectively at home than they were at their top rated elementary school. Their new approach allowed them to learnmuch faster and having a lot more fun in the process.

So the WEquil Family wrote an Open Letter explaining why they left the public education system...building a new school based on the first principles of learning. You can see these principles lived out in the projects at WEquil School and WEquil App. Sumay and Aila made a few videos to share with parents what a particular day might look like although every day is different thanks to the PBL approach.

The journey of the WEquil Family demonstrated a new microschool model that earned the attention of leading minds from top education and technology companies and institutions including GoGuardian, KDAB, Google and