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Microschool Meetup April 8th

Welcome to all parents and kids ages 10+

We are excited to meet you virtually or locally at 11am ET virtually and in person on Saturday, April 8th at 110 Founders Avenue, Falls Church VA. What began as a small Meet & Greet for those interested in WEquil Academy has grown to an exciting event featuring multiple microschool founders, each with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share! Our family will be sharing our broad vision for WEquil Academy at 11am ET. Parents and their kids are invited to share their own vision. This is all very aspirational at this point so please don't hold back on your dream microschool. Then at 12pm ET we will switch to other microschool founders to share their experiences. Most microschool founders that have expressed interest are attending virtually so we will have the big screen setup for local viewers to watch and ask questions. If you wish to attend please sign up if you have not done so already.

Sincerely, WEquil Family



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