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Deep Learning By Doing

Learning Skills For the Future

Through Creating

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 Would you like to get personalized coaching from experienced mentors to accelerate learning through creating & publishing projects?   
Learning Pod

WEquil School started with a realization...

That people learn best, by doing

From this we developed core principles that guide our approach to learning

Math Notebook and Calculator

Teach to problems not tools

Math Homework

No grades, iterate and improve


Demonstrate knowledge through teaching

Art Class

Build on strengths, interests and passions

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Who we are... on us to find out!

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Rethink Education!

Discover how kids learn to love learning

Build Apps!

Monday through Thursday at 9am EST

Launch Startups

Through our accelerator program

Learn from Innovators

And Entrepreneurs in our Community

Pursue Higher Education

Before graduation or on the job.

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Compose Music!

We can help you publish   

Teach a Class!

Every Friday at 2pm EST

Publish Research

Learn from experts in the field

Watch WEquil Live

And join every morning at 7:30am EST!

Talk to kids

about how we can do better.

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Support WEquil.School!

Our school is free. Patrons help us fund our international team of developers and teachers.

Watch interviews with EdTech Entrepreneurs, members, and projects created by our members!

We got some pretty awesome looking t-shirts sourced by Aaron Stark (age 13).

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