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Learning by Doing

Empowering students to love learning through creation.

Online Class

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At WEquil.School kids learn by doing real things to prepare for the real world! Every week we create a project to share with our parents with help from our learning coaches. Sign up today and start next week!
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Project-Based Learning

We help young people learn through creating projects like: publishing books, teaching classes, writing essays, creating videos and more!

Present your project

Every week students present their project to teach what they've learned. This develops public speaking skills and informs parents about their child's progress that week!


Build Your Digital Resume 

Your child's projects are stored on their portfolio and will build their digital resume to help them get into better colleges and get better jobs.

Join Clubs

Meet other ambitious kids through virtual learning pods and clubs like the debate club and AI club!

"WEquil has been great for my daughter! She has been excited about learning and sharing what she learns with others. She's learning how to use tech tools in a responsible way, and building her confidence at the same time."
- Nicole Coustier
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