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Project based self-directed learning program

Free and open every day to all students

No commitments, only opportunities

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See how our students prepare for the real world by doing real things.

Publish Research
Publish Research

Prepare for college

Build your resume
Build your resume

and start a successful career

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Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 6.57.27 PM

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Publish Research
Publish Research

Prepare for college


WEquil School Help Students


Leverage your unique strengths and interests to develop unique projects that add real value to the world


Connect with other students that share your interests so you can build more meaningful and long lasting relationships


Build confidence, public speaking skills and learn to think on your feet by sharing your projects during Demo Day


Prepare for college, start a business, and build your resume by turning projects into real solutions that  add real value to others

How does it work?

Always Open

All students and their parents have access to our private platform and services 24/7/365.


Students learn to love learning and by cultivating their  strengths and interests.

No Commitments

Students create at their own pace. We serve traditional and homeschool.

Demo Day

All students have the opportunity to share their projects every Saturday.

Our students share their projects live on Facebook every Saturday at 2pm EST.

Demo Days Archive

Featured Project

Why join?

WEquil School offers students free services that will help them become more confident and successful adults.

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Start a business

We help students start their own businesses. We help build websites and offer seed funding among other services

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Achieve Success

We broadcast to our students live every morning to provide some guidance and inspiration for how to succeed through our platform

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Learn programming

We teach students to program every morning. We help student develop games, apps, and leverage cloud services

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Know Yourself

Helps students know themselves, build relationships, and generate project ideas 

Why is WEquil School Free?

Because students that value our approach are the leaders, inventors, and entrepreneurs of the future, and we want to help you succeed.