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Cultivate your unique strengths...

...and become irreplaceable

Who we are



What we do

Creative Projects

Get started with Minimum Viable Projects

App Building

Monday through Thursday at 9am EST

Launch Startups

Through our accelerator program

Collaborate and Share

During Saturday Demo Days  

Student Teaching

Every Friday at 2pm EST

Publish Research

Share with professionals

How we do it

We use First Principles of Learning

1.  Learn by doing real things  ... not memorization or studying tools

2. No grades, tests, or homework ... demonstrate, iterate and improve

3. Collaborate and build Relationships ... share and learn with others

4. Specific knowledge path ... build your strengths to become irreplaceable 

5. Teaching and Leadership ... our synthesized learning process for success 

Join our community

  1. Community Leaders ... to lead our children into the future 

  2. Innovators ... to join our demonstrations and share their stories

  3. Developers ... to automate and scale our free learning platform

  4. Adult Members ... to grow and network in our new economy

  5. Kids K-12 ... to accelerate preparation for our new economy

Creative Project or Resume PDF

Thanks for submitting!

Application Instructions

1. Community Leaders ... tell us how to improve our culture, principles and values.

2. Innovators ... tell us what you can teach our members and especially their kids.

3. Developers ... tell us how you can help us to scale our WebApp at WEquil.App.

4. Adult Members ... tell us how we can help you grow yourself and your career.

5. Kids K-12 ... tell us your hopes for how we can help your children succeed.

Why join WEquil.School? ... 

  1. Community Leaders ... the power of shared principles

WEquil.School is free ... but highly selective to ensure that we grow a diverse and wholesome environment for our members. Our Community Leaders help our leadership team to achieve our mission. We trust our Community Leaders because they all consistently demonstrate share the three shared principles of WEquil Group. By selecting for Community Leaders with these principles we have succeeded in creating a powerful collaborative culture capable of achieving goals that have eluded more public platforms like Facebook or Linkedin.

Our Mission

Prepare for success in our new creative, personalized, global economy.

WEquil Principles

Humble Confidence

Confident ... enough to be unafraid of failure.

Humble ... enough to be relentlessly curious.

Radically Transparent

Honest ... respect others with the whole truth.

Reflect ... respect yourself with self-acceptance.

Self-Directed Collaboration

Lead ... using your unique strengths.

Team ... with those that share your deep interests.

2.   Innovators ... the power of ideas

WEquil.School is attracting brilliant and creative minds from places like a Professor from Harvard Medical School, top developers from Google, and teachers from High Tech High. A big reason for that is our students ... who are launching startups, publishing research on genomics technology, and creating mobile applications. You are a key ingredient to their success ... and in return we help you showcase your story, latest book, and company to the world.

Screen Shot 2021-07-11 at 8.34.30 PM.png

3.   Developers ... the power of self-directed collaboration

WEquil.School gives all its employees complete freedom to direct their work in the way that works best for them. We can do this because our developers, which include technologists, teachers, data scientists and a wide range of other professionals are selected for and evaluated by their ability to collaborate and demonstrate value. As part of our team you have the same freedom and follow the same process...because that is how we all achieve equilibium.

4 & 5 Members ... the power of synthesized learning and demonstration

WEquil.School provides all members with the tools and network to accelerate their education and careers. Students of all ages are free to use a wide range of services, virtual classroom, portals to higher-education, networks of professional and others that share your interests, and a platform to help you graduate, build your skills, and market them to the world so you can get into better universities and career opportunities.

What our members love WEquil.School

Self Directed Learning

Members of WEquil.School to learn to direct their own learning so they learn to take charge of their education in a way that leverages their unique strengths, experiences, and preferences.

Public Communication

Members learn to communicate effectively through writing, and public speaking by teaching others that share deep interests in a safe environment with other participating families.

Confidence through Success

Members earn confidence by creating value for others. By believing in themselves they become resilient, curious, and free their minds from doubt to discover themselves and the world.

Featured services ...

We keep building more services to address key challenges with traditional education ... guided by our member feedback.

We believe young people are one of the most undervalued assets in today's society.

Help us change that!

Our school is free. Patrons help us fund our international team of developers and teachers.

Watch interviews with EdTech Entrepreneurs, members, and projects created by our members!

We got some pretty awesome looking t-shirts sourced by our very own Aaron Stark (age 13).

Facebook members can participate in our community.

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