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Debate Club

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Join our Debate Club on WEquil App!

Our Debate Club is a lot like real life. Every member is free to propose their own debate topics, publish persuasive essays, and schedule + join formal debates! As you can see from inside our Debate Club Room, members created a lot of "Projects". All of these projects were created by members and born from their own interests.

Proposing these arguments is how everyone can participate in our Debate Club in ways that interest them. That makes our Debate Club a lot more like real life where adults decide what is important enough to take a stand on a particular issue ... even if no one else is ready to debate. How to Propose Arguments? Each Project is an "Argument", defined as a point of view in favor of one side of a subjective debate. These Arguments form the building blocks of our Debate Club.

Every member of the Debate Club is invited to propose Arguments on any debate topic through the discussion board. These arguments must include the "Question" of interest and at least one paragraph outlining the Argument.

How to run Meetups? At the start of each meetup, students with Arguments are invited to introduce themselves, their debate Question and their Argument. These brief presentations should take no more than five minutes. After each presentation, student share feedback on including any disagreements.

After all Arguments have been presented, students engage in a Debate over which Question to debate the following week. Questions are restricted to that day's Arguments. This ensures that the following week's debate has at least one "Formal Debate". How to run Formal Debates?

Formal Debates include at least two points of view addressing the same Question. For example, once we held a Formal Debate between Aila Lu and her mother Lihong Lu debating the question, "Should kids fold their clothes". Both had an opportunity to review each other's arguments listed below. Aila's Argument ->

Lihong's Argument -> The Formal Debate includes three rounds including "Opening Remarks", "Discussion" and "Closing Arguments". These debates can include more than two members. After Closing Arguments all participants are then invited to express who they believe won the debate leaving a "Winner" each week. How do you Win?

Students are encouraged to put learning, listening, and constructive communication as their primary goals, with "Winning" the debate as a secondary objective motivated by friendly competition.

Parents can participate as well by publishing their own "Debate Lessons". These are Projects that have some particular relevance to the topic of Debate. We recommend starting these lessons with some type of engaging question. You can use this to start our meetups to help everyone join in and practice critical thinking and public speaking!

Questions regarding our format, clubs, and other topics can be directed to my family. You can contact us through the Debate Club Room below. How can Parents Participate?

Parents with interest in our Debate Club are welcome to join our Room through the link below where we are coordinating an agreeable time for interested members. Debate Club Room Link ->

Our Debate Club is hosted on WEquil App which is available on the web and mobile devices. I began developing WEquil App during the pandemic to assist homeschoolers engaged in real world learning opportunities. To learn more you are invited to watch our trailer and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Thank you for your interest in our Debate Club!

Questions regarding our format, our clubs, and other topics can be directed to members of our Debate Club in the Room linked above.


Sumay Lu CEO of WEquil App Captain of WEquil's Debate Team



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