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Debate Club

Debate Club meets every Thursday at 2pm Eastern. Students are invited to propose debate topics, publish persuasive essays, and join more formal debates! We also provide engaging questions to start our meetups to help everyone join in and practice critical thinking and public speaking!

How to join

Step 1 - Signup!

WEquil.School charges a small fee to host the club. This fee gives your student access to all of our clubs! You can subscribe for a free weekly trial and cancel anytime on our website.

Step 2 - Join Room

Once you sign up WEquil School will invite you to our Debate Club Room on our app at the link below accessible through the web. You can also join from our mobile app by downloading it from the Apple App Store. Just search for "WEquil App".

Feel free to introduce yourself to other parents in the room once you join! If you have a WEquil.School "About Me" project you will be prompted to share this to help you connect with others in our learning community!

Step 3 - Prepare for your first debate

New members are encouraged to fill out this Google Form which includes suggestions for debate topics and a place to share your first "Argument" to present at our next Debate Club meetup!

After that you will want to learn more about our Debate Club format.

Debate Format

Every member of the Debate Club is invited to propose "Arguments" on any debate topic through the WEquil.App Room. These arguments must include the "Question" of interest and at least one paragraph outlining the Argument.

Once you have written your Argument, publish it on the app and upload it into the Debate Club Room. We made a short video explaining how to publish. Once published you can upload to the Debate Club Room by clicking on the black up arrow icon under the Discussion Board inside the room.

At the start of each meetup, students with Arguments are invited to introduce themselves, their debate "Question" and their Argument. These brief presentations should take no more than five minutes. After each presentation, student share feedback on including any disagreements.

After all Arguments have been presented, students engage in a Debate over which Question to debate the following week. Questions are restricted to that day's Arguments. This ensures that the following week's debate has at least one written Argument.

This begins the "Formal Debate" portion ... addressing the Question agreed upon the following week. Students have had a week to prepare written arguments. Those who are prepared take turns presenting their Arguments. This first round is followed by a final Rebuttal. All participants are then invited to express who they believe won the debate leaving a "Winner" each week.

Why join?

Students are encouraged to put learning, listening, and constructive communication as their primary goals...with "Winning" the debate as a secondary objective motivated by friendly competition.


Thank you for your interest in our Debate Club!

Questions regarding our format, our clubs, and other topics can be directed to my family. Our contact information is available through the form.


WEquil Family


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