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Level 2 - Projects

Demonstrate your Intellectual Curiosity stretching oneself to explore more objective aspects of reality such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Projects to demonstrate would show an ability to deeply understand, connect and relate these skills and knowledge to the students life.

Popular Project Resources

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TED is a great resource for discovering thought leaders in many fields! Presentations also help student learn by example how to make a great presentation which may help them demonstrate projects on Demo Day!

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides curriculums across many standard K-12 educational topics. Students that want to learn by doing can learn from these classes and then apply that knowledge through a Creative Project!

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Demo Days

Our Demo Day Playlist is a great resource for seeing some of our featured projects. All projects present in these Demo Days can be found at WEquil.School. We group these into themes so check out the ones you find interesting!

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We host a TV show every Monday through Thursday at 7:30am EST. Topics are wide ranging and full of inspiration for new Creative Projects! We also cover themes of the week every Monday so tune in to join our Public Demo Day!

Featured Projects

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