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Bee the Green!

Our planet is our home, and we should take every action necessary to keep mother nature happy and flourishing. There are many ways in which to do so, but let's primarily focus on a few simple points. These routines don't have to be extraordinary, something you do everyday, or a hobby you already picked up doing and implementing it into day to day activities can make such a big change.

Gardening is a wonderful start! It's such a fun hobby to pick up and has many rewards in the process. Planting crops and treating them with the proper care, in return you get wonderful and tasty food without all the processed chemicals in a grocery store. These powerful plants can take all the bacteria and chemicals we breath and filter everything out to be healthy for us. At the same time this will contribute to sustainable eating by using less waste and using only what you need. Planting trees is another fantastic benefactor, by taking all of the carbon dioxide we as humans produce and filter it out so we have clean air. It is so important that we start putting the trees back in that were taken out, so it will leave less of a carbon footprint. This in turn will contribute to help bring back the regular levels of oxygen we need to consume.

Composting is another simple and fun task to take on, and is as easy as using your scraps of organic matter(fruit and vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds, etc). There are many benefits to composting such as: cutting methane emissions from landfills, improving soil health and lessening erosion, conserves water, reducing personal food waste, and all in all reducing our waste system. Most of our food waste is sent to landfills, the majority of it being food scrap and garden waste at 28%. The organic matter being sent there does not break down properly and ends up producing methane emissions and carbon dioxide. By figuring out your situation at home, you can make a compost as simple or complex as you see fit. Composting produces key ingredients to help a garden flourish and prosper as well as supporting the soil. We can all learn together and teach each other on how to compost to get better at controlling our food waste!

Recycling is another easy and powerful task that literally anyone can do! Recycling not only lowers pollution and greenhouse gas emissions but it also contributes to a higher sustainability of air quality and living. With recycling it can be as easy as going to a thrift store to reuse items that someone else no longer uses such as : clothes, furniture, etc. Now more than ever have main based companies, such as target for example, have been utilizing biodegradable or recyclable packaging as well. We have still have a long ways to go and much more to learn, but we can all make an impact and change together!

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