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How to Get Your Flutter Certification

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

At WEquil.School we provide multiple Flutter certifications that you receive by showing your knowledge through proof by demonstration. This article will walk you through the step by step process you can take to receive your Flutter certification.

Step One: Create a project with your demonstrations

The first step is to create a project listing out your demonstrations in Flutter. This should be structured in a way where you list out each demonstration corresponding with the skills necessary to receive the certification. You project should be no longer then a page and should look something like this:


Skill: ______


Skill: ______



Your project should include links to resources such as your GitHub profile and anything else you think would be useful to receiving your certification.

Step Two: Demonstrate

The second step is to do your defense which is where you will present the project created in the first step and articulate how you applied the skills. You want to add more detail in your presentation to prove to the panel that you actually possess the skills required in order to receive the certification.

This demonstration step will either be live streamed or recording based on your preference. After your presentation you can answer any questions the panel may have and the Flutter developers on that panel will then assess your competency based on what you have shown during the demonstration. If they agree that you are proficient enough then you will receive your certification and proceed to the final step.

To apply for your demonstration email with your project and when you are available to do your defense.

Step three: Receiving your certification

Your certification will be a published project including the recorded demonstration, the initial project you created, and links to all the projects and Flutter applications you have created to receive your certification.


These are all the steps needed to get your Flutter certification. To learn more about what certifications we provide you can go to If you have any questions about how to receive your certification email


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