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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

In this article I will be talking about tornadoes, what causes them, and how to prepare for them!

What are tornadoes? A tornado is a type of storm. Sometimes people call tornadoes twisters and here’s why. A tornado is a long column of air that spins really fast! Some tornadoes can reach all the way to the ground from a cloud in the sky. Tornadoes spin very VERY fast! Some of the most dangerous tornadoes can spin up to 500 km an hour. Usually tornadoes occur during a really big thunderstorm! A tornado is caused by cold air colliding with warm air, the cold air pushes the warm air up. When this happens the warm air moves really fast and after a little while can create a kind of spinning storm. If the spinning thunderstorms stay spinning for too long then it can create a tornado!

Preparing for tornadoes. Tornados are one of the most unpredictable storms, because of this scientists spend a lot of time studying them. ⅔ of all the tornadoes in the world happen in the United States, They usually happen around the late spring and early summer from the Dakotas to Texas. So, if you live in that area you should know how to prepare for tornadoes! Even though tornadoes are hard to predict, meteorologists can sometimes spot thunderstorms that might be big enough to create a tornado and send out warnings to people nearby. One of the ways to protect yourself is to take shelter in a basement or rooms near the middle of the house and don’t go near outside walls, windows or doors. If you are outside the house try to find a building to go in, if you are too near the tornado, do not go in a car and stay as close to the ground as possible. You also should have an emergency kit. To make one, get a bag or cardboard box and put in bottled water, canned and dried foods, a flashlight, a first aid kit and more!

Thank you for reading my article about tornadoes! If you are interested in natural disasters and storms please check out my article about Floods! To check out more articles and projects at WEquil School go to I hope you enjoyed my article!



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