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Flutter Basics Certification

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

In this article I will be explaining what the Flutter Basics Certification signifies and how to receive the Flutter Basics Certification. First, here is what knowledge you need to demonstrate within a project to get a Flutter Basics Certification.

You must demonstrate the knowledge to use and apply the widgets within their Flutter application:

  1. Scaffold (use at least two properties within this widget)

  2. Row, Column, ListView

  3. Container

  4. AppBar

  5. SizedBox

  6. Text

  7. ElevatedButton

  8. Navigator

  9. Color

  10. Image

This allows you to create simple versatile UI layouts to make an app in Flutter. Once you create an application that has all of these functions you must make a project that showcases your app and present it on demo day. After all of these have been completed then you will receive the Flutter Basics Certification.


Each certification signifies that whoever has received it has the knowledge and skill to use all the widgets stated above in a Flutter app. The certification will also be received with a PDF that links to the students projects that demonstrated this knowledge.

If you would like to receive your very own Flutter Basics Certification then you can join our Flutter class taught at WEquil.School to learn all of those things. You can join WEquil.School by going to

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