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WEquil School Classes

WEquil School has many classes that are all taught by youth leaders! Here's how you can join our student led classes, create classes of your own, and resources provided by our student teachers.

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All classes Monday-Thursday at 9:00 AM EST

Aila's Minimum Viable Project Class

In this class Aila helps members get started creating and sharing their first Minimum Viable Project. A MVP is a project that is creative and adds value. This also serves as our writing class!


Benny's Java Class

This class taught by Benny is a great beginner course for members interested in more complicated programming languages but don't have much experience.

Beckett's Scratch Class

In this class Beckett teaches his students a programming language called Scratch. Scratch is a relatively simple programming language but is great for beginners to use as a stepping stone to other more complex languages. 

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Aila's Flutter Class

Flutter is an object-oriented programming language developed by Google to create mobile, and web applications. Aila teaches this in her class.

Sumay's Python Class

Python is an extremely versatile programming language that is used for many things. Sumay teaches the basics of python and different extensions in her class.

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World Edit

How to get started with WEquilCraft and creating blocks using chisel and bits with BADRonin. In this class we get you setup with all the mods, and teach you how you can use them.

Chirag's Economics Class

Wednesdays at 6:00 PM EST

In this class Chirag teaches the basics of microeconomics and relating these concepts to day-to-day life. Economics teaches you so much about the world and it is extremely useful for young people to understand.


How can I join?

You can join these classes by submitting an application to WEquil School, or by joining the WEquil Group Slack.

How can I create a class?

Click on the button below that will lead you to a set of instructions on how you can create your own class within WEquil.School!

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