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Homeschoolers Across Virginia


Propose and join local events and meetups!


Park Meetup

Join a park meetup in your neighborhood! Falls Church has one every Sunday at 3pm!

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Book Club

Join a book club in your neighborhood! Meet other homeschoolers with you interest in books!

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Sports Meetup

Join a sports meetup in your neighborhood. Falls Church is playing basketball!

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Dog Park Meetup

Have fun with your dog while meeting new homeschoolers in Falls Church!


Music Concerts

Join a music concert with local homeschoolers in your neighborhood!

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Art Club

Join an Art Club and make creative art with other homeschoolers!


Game Night

Join a game night in your neighborhood with other homeschoolers!

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Suggest One

Suggest a new homeschooling meetup were all homeschoolers in Falls Church are welcome!

Reoccurring Events in Virginia

You can create an event! Just ask on Slack or in your Facebook Group!

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.

All are welcome ... just remember

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