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Denatsu Sora

By Mina

This is Denatsu Sora (Deh-nahT-sue/soo, soar-uh)

She is a mauve-colored, tomboy-ish werewolf/human that sings.

She is a virtual singer in a group called UTAU. (oot-oww)

Now, to understand what an UTAU is, I first need to explain Vocaloids.

Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer software. Many Vocaloids were created, and people wanted to see more. UTAU was made to trick people that a new Vocaloid was created. Kasane Teto was a virtual singer but was not a Vocaloid. People still liked UTAU, so people made tons of UTAUs, Sora being one of them. Aaand now you know.

What inspired me to draw Denatsu Sora(?)

I really liked the colors and the way the ears and tail were made in a video where a model of her danced. I knew after this that I HAD to draw her when I saw this. She had big shoes, a camouflage vest, some spikes on her shoes and neck looked so interesting to me.



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