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WEquilCraft Demo Day - Sept 4th

WEquil's Virtual School in Minecraft

Members of WEquil.School are welcome to participate in our WEquilCraft Demo Day on September 4th. We will present two main projects on Demo Day including Equilibrium Castle and "Welcome to WEquilCraft" process for onboarding new students who like Minecraft. These work hand in hand.

To join, follow the Next Steps in this article. There is much work to do before Thursday so we can have a "Minimum Viable Project" done in time for Demo Day on Saturday Sept 4th at 2pm EST.

Next Steps for WEquil:

  1. Welcome to WEquilCraft

  2. Equilibrium Castle

  3. Roles

  4. Process

1. Welcome to WEquilCraft

Benny and Mr WEquil already wrote out a draft at the link below. However, we will need someone to help socialize and improve this document.