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WEquilCraft Demo Day - Sept 4th

WEquil's Virtual School in Minecraft

Members of WEquil.School are welcome to participate in our WEquilCraft Demo Day on September 4th. We will present two main projects on Demo Day including Equilibrium Castle and "Welcome to WEquilCraft" process for onboarding new students who like Minecraft. These work hand in hand.

To join, follow the Next Steps in this article. There is much work to do before Thursday so we can have a "Minimum Viable Project" done in time for Demo Day on Saturday Sept 4th at 2pm EST.

Next Steps for WEquil:

  1. Welcome to WEquilCraft

  2. Equilibrium Castle

  3. Roles

  4. Process

1. Welcome to WEquilCraft

Benny and Mr WEquil already wrote out a draft at the link below. However, we will need someone to help socialize and improve this document.

The goal is to have a WEquilCraft onboarding process that most everyone at WEquil.School accepts, and that gives new members all the information they need to join. That means it needs to explain...

  1. What is WEquilCraft?

  2. How to join?

  3. How does the House System work?

  4. Where is the Castle and how to find my room?

  5. What events take place at WEquilCraft?

  6. What times/days do kids play?

  7. How do I join the server?

There are other questions and issues that will we will need someone to take the lead on making sure this document is functional and kept up to date.

2. Equilibrium Castle

We also need help building Equilibrium Castle. This will be challenging for anyone that doesn't know Java because it is going to be HUGE with a lot of repeated block patterns. Benny will be leading this with some direction on requirements provided by leadership below...


  1. Shape - Seven towers arranged in the pattern of the WEquil.School Logo.

  2. Walls + Skywalks - Outer lines connecting towers will include walls. Inner lines would be sky walks. Both would have identical design on top.

  3. Outer Towers - Large enough to have 100 identical bedrooms. One for each House plus one for those not in a House, and another for guests.

  4. Middle Tower - Large enough to host a 1,000 person event in a single Great Room in the middle tower sitting on tables.

  5. Blocks Style - Same stone block styles as traditional castles, but one block in pattern to replace to match color of houses.

3. Roles

We are looking for several leaders and helpers at WEquilCraft. Leaders can be anyone...but the key to being a good leader for this project is that you don't just play Minecraft. Leaders will need to guide helpers to we get the job done. That means PLAN before you PLAY. If you don't PLAN and get BUY-IN then we will not be able to succeed. Leaders help everyone work together to achieve our goal.

Project Leaders

  1. Chief Architect, Benny ... Ensure we have a great written PLAN before we PLAY.

  2. Auditor, SEEKING ... Verifies that the written PLAN and matches what is being built.

  3. Design Lead, SEEKING ... Creates block patterns and pictures to pick from.

  4. Author, SEEKING - Keeps WEquilCraft Welcome Letter up to date

  5. Moderator, Beckett ... Manages who has access to WEquilCraft server

House Leaders

We also need at least one head of each House. There are now five for each of the four Personality Type groups an d a fifth for those that choose not to join any of these houses. This is a big responsibility because you will be the first students many new students meet.

Please let Benny know if you want to take on any of these leadership roles or if you just want to help!

Excited to have you join us on this Epic Project!





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