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Wequil.School Houses

By Benny and Mr WEquil

New members at WEquil.School are welcome to join our MineCraft Server called WEquilCraft! We have found this to be a fun way to connect with others and build relationships. Our families are spread out around the world so we built a lot of ways for members to build connections remotely. We plan to host birthday parties, Demo Days, team building events, and even classes using WEquilCraft so consider joining!

We are building a Castle for our "Virtual School" and everyone is free to join one of four "Houses". This idea is very much inspired by Harry Potter and the Hogwarts School, but with a lot of differences. First, our Castle is going to be way cooler and built by a team of Java Jedi that Benny trained in his Java Coding Class right on the server.

We have four Houses like in Harry Potter, but no one at WEquil.School wanted to join Slytherin, so we came up with a better system. Our Houses are based loosely on the four categories of personality types in the Myers-Briggs personality once students complete this they have the option to use this "Sorting Hat" to pick a House.

Everyone is also free to be their own "Sorting Hat" and change Houses whenever they wish. In that sense our "Houses" are more like learning communities at a university. All members are encouraged to create a "First Personality Project" so they can go beyond tools like the Myers-Briggs personality test and develop a more detailed understanding of their unique strengths in relation to others. Personality is one step to help do this, but the project provides many other tools as well.

Ultimately, we want WEquilCraft "Virtual School" to help new members quickly connect with other members while having fun and learning more about themselves. Everyone at WEquil.School is free to approach learning their own way, without commitments or requirements. Members are welcome to ignore these options and come up with their own!

WEquil.School Houses

We sourced our "Houses" from the 16Personalities Website. There are 16 types, sorted into 4 houses:

How to join

Here are the steps to joining your House...

  1. Decide Your House - You can do this using the Myers-Briggs personality test or you can skip the test and pick one based on the description. The goal here is for other students to learn more about you so pick the one that you think is most similar to you. Include your house name and personality type in your bio. Some students also put their type and/or four letters in their name.

  2. Declare Your House - Once you know your house, declare it in the School's auditorium either on Slack or the new WEquil.App. This way the "Head Boys and Girls" of your house can find you and introduce you to everyone else in your house.

  3. Join WEquilCraft - Reach out to "Beckett Deville, ISFP - Explorer House" who teaches our Scratch Class and hosts the WEquilCraft Server. Ask him to add you to the server. Once you are added you can join all the events hosted on the server. To learn more about these events reach out to "Cadence Smith, INFJ - Diplomats House". He is our Chief Activities Administrator so he knows all the activities.

  4. Claim Your Bed - Once you join the server, go to the tower with your houses color, claim a bed in the tower and put on your "House Robes"!

After that you just try to have as much fun as long as it is after school which officially ends at 4pm your local time. Students are encouraged to use our server to collaborate on really cool projects using Java commands. Talk to Benny who trains our Java Jedi to learn more.

There is at the bottom of Personality Types from the Myers Briggs you can copy paste into your bio. You can view the aspects of each personality type at:

Enjoy WEquilCraft!


Benny and Mr WEquil



Architect: INTJ-A/INTJ-T

Logician: INTP-A/INTP-T

Commander: ENTJ-A/ENTJ-T

Debater: ENTP-A/ENTP-T


Advocate: INFJ-A/INFJ-T

Mediator: INFP-A/INFP-T

Protagonist: ENFJ-A/ENFJ-T

Campaigner: ENFP-A/ENFP-T


Logistician: ISTJ-A/ISTJ-T

Defender: ISFJ-A/ISFJ-T

Executive: ESTJ-A/ESTJ-T



Virtuoso: ISTP-A/ISTP-T

Adventurer: ISFP-A/ISFP-T

Entrepreneur: ESTP-A/ESFP-T

Entertainer: ESFP-A/ESFP-T



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