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WEquil Certifications, Degrees and Diploma

Rethinking credentials for the new digital, creative, personalized economy.

WEquil.School is developing Certifications, Degrees, and a Diploma for members with interest in signaling their achievements to the outside world. These achievements will represent the members mastery of five forms of intelligence using our Deep Learning process, and preparedness to find Equilibrium …success by using unique strengths to create value.

Schools are only allowed to file for accreditation after existence for three years. WEquil.School was created during the 2020 pandemic and only became a legally recognized entity in early 2021. Therefore, our credentials will initially be backed only by the strength of our community and our ability to signal this to the outside world. The purpose of this initiative is to create a process for backing certifications, degrees and a diploma that is verifiable through publication of accomplishments and demonstration of skills.

This is a powerful opportunity because everything our students do is demonstrated through publications and demonstrations that are easily verifiable by potential employers and higher education institutions such as universities. Our leadership is confident that we can developer an innovative process based on learning by doing and demonstration. WEquil students that present publicly are doing so in front of experts in their fields like Dr Brandon Bergman of Harvard Medical School.

These discussions are recorded and save on our YouTube channel. There is no ambiguity regarding the competence of students that publish their creative projects and then present them to the world. WEquil Group hires people based on the same process of demonstration...because it works better than reliance on a degree that is typically received for completing homework assignments and getting high text scores...activities that are largely irrelevant to creating value in the real world.

Members of WEquil Group are invited to help iterate and improve on this initiative with our leaders and grow the value of our credentials in the eyes of the world. We are excited to be collaborating with professionals and members of our community who are helping our school create opportunities to earn certifications, degrees and a diploma. To participate reach out to Austin Smith, Sumay Lu, Jessica Brauser and Michael McKenzie through our Slack Groups.

  • Austin Smith is leading this effort with a detailed document outlining how members can create certifications through their classes. We also have five degrees relating to five forms of intelligence as outlined on our website. Our Diploma will represent the completion of all five forms of intelligence that our community believes to be necessary and sufficient to prepare children for success in the real world. A high level outline of our five pillars is available at our kids page.

  • Sumay Lu has been leading the certifications portion of our initiative. Certifications will be awarded to members who complete classes created by other members. For example, we have a Scratch, Java, Flutter, Python, and 3D Design class already with several more coming soon including music composition, writing, and history. Members that have interest in teaching a class should read her article on "How to teach a class at WEquil.School". This initiative will create a process for the school to back certifications for classes.

  • Jessica Brauser is coaches families with kids preparing to graduate from high-school. She was on Sumay's Innovators Series and deeply passionate about helping young people. Our community leaders are teaming up with her to help our families navigate the complex web of higher-ed and post graduation career opportunities available to them. This interview was one of our is our Higher-Ed Initiative which ties into this initiative on certifications, degrees and diploma.

  • Michael McKenzie is an expert in higher education outcomes and academic credentials. He has broad and deep experience working with traditional higher-ed universities as well as new and innovative educational platforms such as WEquil.School. He is collaborating with Austin Smith to learn more about how to give our community valuable credentials both inside and outside of WEquil.School.

Parents and kids across WEquil.School are more than welcome to reach out and be part of our Credentials and HigherEd initiatives. We are rethinking education from the ground up based on the First Principles of Deep Learning. The world we are changing how we position our children for the new digital, creative, global, personalized economy.

All members are welcome to participate by engaging with our initiative leaders through Slack. To join WEquil.School click "Meet WEquil Group" at which will take you to our leadership Slack group where you can learn more about our onboarding process.


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