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Accelerated Higher-Ed Initiative

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

By Tremier Johnson and Joe WEquil

WEquil.School is creating a higher education portal for members so that children of any age can access micro-degrees, virtual college classes, or pursue an associates degree before graduation. We are pursuing this opportunity because we believe students of all ages should have the opportunity to pursue higher education based on ability, not age.

Parents anywhere, including those not currently members or WEquil.School, are invited to provide feedback and suggestions August (date and time TBD) over a private Zoom meeting if they believe that our broad vision below could be of value to them. To receive an invite, email and use the Subject line - Accelerated Higher Ed Roundtable

Our Vision for Accelerated Higher-Ed

Over the past decade the growth and quality of virtual higher-ed learning opportunities has accelerated at an exponential rate. Platforms like Coursera, Khan Academy, Bridgeway Academy, Liberty University’s Online Academy, Grand Canyon University, and other platforms make it very cheap and sometimes free for people anywhere in the world to signal their interest in higher education. Moreover, platforms like LinkedIn, YouTube, MasterClass, and WEquil.School itself are making it exceedingly easy for people with skills to signal their value to the labor market. Success at completing and signaling any level of higher education before graduating from high school puts them in a much better position to pursue all forms of opportunities including getting into top universities.

The prevalence of students graduating from high school with evidence of higher education is accelerating and will continue to accelerate because the cost to acquire and signal has dropped to an almost insignificant amount of money compared to the average college diploma. The pandemic accelerated this transition...because now most every business leader and hiring managers recognizes the extent to which learning and work can be done as well or better virtually. Students that follow a traditional path of waiting until they are 18 before they take this initiative will have an increasingly challenging time getting into top school or moving directly into good paying jobs out of high school...because they will be competing against a global labor market that is not going to wait to take advantage of this massive change in online higher education.

You, our member families, are our guide to making this initiative a success. We are organizing a roundtable for all interested families in August (date and time TBD). We will provide an opportunity for you to tell us how we can enhance our efforts and better meet your needs. This is your chance to make higher education more accessible to your family than ever before.

We win by helping your kids succeed.

For questions and updates please email


WEquil. School Leadership and Tremier Johnson, CEO of Higher Paths

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