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My name is Chloé and this is my Player Character project for the roleplay game Lusa and the Last Winter roleplay series. My character's name is Azalea, an INFJ-T personality type. She is the daughter of two of Lusa’s advisors, and her father is preparing to go fight in the war that he thinks will happen. She wants to stop the war because she does not want her father to fight. Azalea is a shy rainwing, who hates most social interaction. She is an official scribe for Lusa’s side, and her hobby is singing, though she is too embarrassed to sing in public. She loves to help others.

(This is not my picture, this is fanart someone drew of the wings of fire character, Glory)

Roleplay Game: Lusa and the Last Winter

Occupation: Lusa’s scribe

Dragon Breed: Rainwing

Personality Types: INFJ-T



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