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Lusa and the Last Winter

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A roleplaying game created by Sumay and Aila for their friends at WEquil School.

It's been three years since the gem was reassembled and the Druun vanquished. Yet all is not well in the land of Kumandra. A year after Raya and her friends helped to save their world a new struggle began ... this time between the dragons themselves. enormous dragon with the powerful to control the seasons decided to use his power to end winter. That was two years ago, and in that time the impact of this change has had noticeable effects on the power balance across the land. Much of Kumandra is now jungle. Food is longer scarce, some people and animals have suffered greatly while others flourished.

The previously snow covered land of Spine has grown in power. Without winter...the warriors of Spine have been free to devote themselves to growing their strength in numbers and weapons. Their village of fortifications with bamboo has grown even taller and more impressive. Over the past year their leaders have grown an alliance with Fanda whom they praise for freeing them from winter.