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Lusa and the Last Winter

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

A roleplaying game created by Sumay and Aila for their friends at WEquil School.

It's been three years since the gem was reassembled and the Druun vanquished. Yet all is not well in the land of Kumandra. A year after Raya and her friends helped to save their world a new struggle began ... this time between the dragons themselves. enormous dragon with the powerful to control the seasons decided to use his power to end winter. That was two years ago, and in that time the impact of this change has had noticeable effects on the power balance across the land. Much of Kumandra is now jungle. Food is longer scarce, some people and animals have suffered greatly while others flourished.

The previously snow covered land of Spine has grown in power. Without winter...the warriors of Spine have been free to devote themselves to growing their strength in numbers and weapons. Their village of fortifications with bamboo has grown even taller and more impressive. Over the past year their leaders have grown an alliance with Fanda whom they praise for freeing them from winter.

But the people of Heart and Talon have suffered. Food prices plummeted as crops could be grown year round. These were the breadbaskets of Kumandra ... or they were until all of Kumandra became a jungle without winter's bite to bring balance.

The dragons are not split into two factions. Half support Fanda who believes he has the right to control the seasons. Fanda convinced many of the dragons and humans that it would be better to never have winter. Those who oppose him follow Lusa...the first to break from Fanda when he first cast his spell against winter.

Lusa is the one and only ice dragon, with the powerful to create ice from water vapor and fire her creations with force. She believes that Fanda’s manipulation of the weather could have dangerous consequences. The people in the mild south have united with Lusa, in large part because their control over food supplies has all but been erased sending many of them into poverty and weakening the balance against the now mighty Spine.

Raya and her friends watched in fear as the balance of power shifted and worried that war may break out between Fanda and Lusa ... and the factions of the North and South pitted against each other. But they developed a plan to unite the Kingdoms.

Raya and her friends created a secret society to identify people and dragons who want peace in places of power within the lands controlled now by Fanda and Lusa. They call this society the Gem Keepers for they are those who seek to fend off enemies of Kumandra...even from Kumandrans themselves.

You are one of the Gem Keepers. Join Raya and her friends to enact a plan to bring the factions of the north and south together...or fail and watch pain and death sweep over the land you call home.

How to Play?

Students at www.WEquil.School that wish to are free to play Lusa and the Last Winter. All that is required is a Dungeon Master and Player Character Projects. Here are some details:

Dungeon Master Project

To play the game one member needs to be the Dungeon Master (DM). The DM creates the rules for the game. These rules can be very simple, such as requiring no dice or any statistics whatsoever ... existing entirely within the minds of the DM and Player Characters. DMs may wish to introduce structure around the game to make it easier to understand and give it more of a board game feel. Its entirely up to the DM.

Joseph McPhail created one DM Project already that you can join here:

Player Character Project

Player Characters (PC) are imaginary characters within the roleplay game that are acted out by real people. All PCs have a name and a backstory. DMs may also require additional information from PCs such as dice generated characteristics for Strength and Intelligence. Sometimes DMs will require PCs to provide details specific to a roleplay game such as allegiances to groups or factions. Read the details of each roleplay game and DM Project so you know what to include in your PC Project.

For Joseph's version he created a PC Project template using a Google Doc. YOu can look that up from inside his DM project here:

Both DM and PC projects should be published in WEquil.School so other players can learn about your DM games and PCs. These provide great examples to other members at WEquil.School to create their games and PCs as well!

All writings and games created by WEquil.School members are their property and can be removed by them at any time. Please direct any questions to our private Slack group in the Game Creation channel.

Hoping you join our adventure!


Sumay and Aila McPhail

Co-Founders of www.WEquil.School


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