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WEquil.App Development Process

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

By WEquil.School's international team of professional WEquil.App developers.


Welcome to the WEquil.App team development process document! We are scaling WEquil.School using the same process we teach our students ... no teacher (no manager), no road map (no curriculum) ... only self-directed collaboration. All members of our team follow this process of iterative improvement to reach the objectives outlined in this document.

Successful team members learn to channel their unique strengths to propose solutions, help others, take initiative, and ultimately demonstrate value to the rest of the team on our radically transparent platform where everyone's efforts are known and socialized by everyone else including our users.

Our elite team is expanding through our new “Sink or Swim“ program. If you think you have what it takes ... apply by emailing us at and include "WEquil.App Sink or Swim" in the subject line. Be sure to include a formal cover letter and resume, focused on how you are uniquely positioned to help us succeed.

No formal education or work experience is required...but only those who immediately and consistently demonstrate value, confidence, curiosity, industry, honesty, and tenacious desire for personal growth will be given an opportunity prove their value to our families. We have a 50% washout rate so do not expect to receive an offer unless you are genuinely qualified.

Applicants to the Sink or Swim program will be given access to a copy of our WEquil.App and cloned Google Cloud Database with which to demonstrate their value. Successful applicants will do the following...

  1. Study WEquil.School and our objectives for scaling into WEquil.App and successfully contribute toward these objectives during their first week.

  2. Demonstrate our principles and follow our process as detailed below every day.

  3. Following our Twitter, Facebook, and subscribing to our YouTube channel.

  4. Grow WEquil.School by recruiting families using our Welcome letter and developers by sharing this document on social media and tagging our accounts.

  5. Demonstrate the principles of learning we teach our students.

  6. Create a unique path for yourself to grow within WEquil Group so you can achieve Equilibrium.

WEquil.School Principles

Our process is built on three Principles:

  1. Radical Transparency

  2. Self-Directed Collaboration

  3. Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve

Radical transparency allow teams with shared values to reach peak effectiveness in achieving shared goals. The approach requires that all communication be available to everyone else in the team, and everyone has the opportunity to share their interests, ideas, and express disagreement with others. Radical transparency does not require creates trust between those who grow confident to receive feedback.

Self-Directed Collaboration requires that all team members take initiative in identifying the ways they can help and collaborate with others to determine their next steps. This requires both an entrepreneurial and leadership mindset, and the relationship skills to get buy-in and enhance the value of everyone else in our team.

Demonstrate, Iterate, Improve ... This is how real value is created in the real world. All team members most demonstrate their ability to add value to our families on a consistent basis. How you do so will depend on you. Those that succeed will continually seek feedback, ask questions, socialize ideas and improve through a process of iteration.

These principles apply to both students and developers at Wequil.School...because these principles define the process of success in our new digital, decentralized, personalized global economy.

  • No manager can tell you how to add the most value given your unique strengths.

  • No teacher can tell you your unique circle of competence.

  • No leader can tell you how beat to succeed within your team.

  • No mentor can tell you how best to grow yourself to become irreplaceable.

Those who rely on others to tell them what to do and how to do it will spend their entire lives trying to fix their weaknesses instead of leveraging their strengths ... making someone else happy and successful while failing to achieve equilibrium.

Welcome to the real world.

Process (WIP)

Our process workflow follows a weekly set of steps to operationalize our principles. Every day each team member is responsible for making progress independently while also collaborating with others through our Slack group.

All team members will share a brief update in Slack (no more than 10 sentences) on their progress, next steps, and why their efforts are the best way for them to help us achieve our objectives.

No direct unilateral communication between team members regarding work at WEquil Group except that with Joe WEquil. Direct communication is encouraged for relationship building, and required on Tuesday (see process) so our team builds trust and appreciation for others as people outside of work.

While on vacation, continue to send the update stating “on vacation until date X/Y”. All members are expected to know everyone else’s core competencies as shown on WEquil.School and collaborate to ensure their efforts are integrated effectively with the team.

All team members are expected to follow our weekly process:

  1. Monday Zoom Meeting at 12:30pm eastern to share progress and collaborate to determine next steps. Share a summary of what you wish to present before each meeting, and your takeaways after each meeting on Slack.

  2. Tuesday Team Building - Review all developer profiles on WEquil.School to ensure you understand how your strengths best complement the team. Reach out to at least one member on Slack and get to know them personally over the phone or WhatsApp to build a relationship. Summarize insights on Slack in 10 sentences or less.

  3. Wednesday WEquilibrium - Review one or more blog posts or YouTube videos from WEquil Group, provide feedback, and share one way WEquil can do more to help you achieve Equilibrium on Slack.

  4. Thursday Zoom Meeting at 12:30pm eastern to share progress and collaborate to determine next steps. Share a summary of what you wish to present before each meeting, and your takeaways after each meeting on Slack.

  5. Friday Family Engagement - Message and “@“ all Demo Day participants in the “Demo Day“ channel, congratulate them on their progress at WEquil.School, and provide feedback on one project of your choosing, and ask for feedback from them on how to improve WEquil.School.

  6. Saturday Demo Day - Add value directly to student presenters at WEquil.School. You can do this by helping share posts on social media to boost participation in Demo Day, attend Demo Day and support our presenters and guest speaker with comments on live feed, and providing encouragement after Demo Day on our Slack group.

  7. Sunday Rest - Do nothing related to WEquil Group. Rest and take care of yourself.

Objective (WIP)

The objective of WEquil.App is to automate and scale WEquil.School + Private Slack Family members. The end result will include:

  1. Hundreds or more Virtual Classrooms similar to those on WEquil.School but with the private Slack channels embedded within each classroom. VCs will include user generated projects, project ideas, resources, and automated processes for scheduling and participating in Demo Days. Include 6 levels corresponding to the Slack group.

  2. Profiles for members 13+ that act as LinkedIn like resumes that include their body of work. Profiles will be searchable and suggest connections based on shared interests which correspond to classrooms.

  3. Project creation templates that allow users anywhere in the world to easily upload existing projects or create new ones within classrooms. Uploads should be possible in less than a minute for projects that are already completed as a pdf, Google Doc, or existing YouTube video. Templates will also be available for those that wish to create projects within WEquil.App.

  4. Gamification process that serves to incentivize use of WEquil.App and prevent bad actors from accessing features. For example, no member will be able to write messages in any classroom until they submit a project that is approved by an admin as acceptable.

  5. Creative Projects are the output of WEquil.App. A creative project must have some unique contribution and add value to other people. For example, an essay on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would NOT be creative because there is nothing unique. A strategy guide on Fortnight does not add value because this is a leisure activity that does not grow the productive power of people or create joy that compounds over time.

  6. Accelerator services will be available for a fee to families that wish to accelerate their kids progress. For example, we are creating a Master Class for Flutter and making this available in the virtual classroom for families that need some help getting to a point where they can apply self-direction.

  7. Open Source type collaboration with families and developers. To the extent possible without creating material costs and risks...we will make it easy for families and developers that believe in our principles to contribute to the development of WEquil.App. This will involve giving parents direct access to create a database of open source suggestion and the ability to up vote right on WEquil.App. Developers that wish to join will need to demonstrate adding value to WEquil.App and collaborate effectively with team members as part of their application process.



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