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Know Thyself And The Personalized Economy Demo Day Agenda

WEquil.School Adults - 1 PM EST

This demo day is where adult members from WEquil.School share their projects on anything they think will add value to you and our community.

Project Links

Deep Learning in Action by Vishal Daryanani

The Nigerian Prince by Princedede Godswill

How To Prepare Kids for Real Life Series by Austin Smith

Blockchain Startups Symposium by Bolarinwa Odupe

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the WEquil.School Adult demo is Justin Shell. Justin shell is the Founder of MySchool, a platform that allows local families to connect and find in person educational opportunities.

You can learn more about Justin here:

Check out MySchool at

Justin has also been on the Innovator Series, you check out that episode here:

WEquil.School Kids - 2 PM EST

This demo day is where youth members of WEquil.School showcase their project related to the weekly topic.

Project Links

Know Thy Family by Cadence S.

Growing Paradigms by Sumay M.

Know Thyself by Sumay M.

Heart Map by Aila M.

PrinciplesYou by Aila M.

Abstract House by Mina R.

Ethan's Love Language by Ethan S.

Guest Speaker

Our guest speaker for the WEquil.School kids demo day is Michael McKenzie. Michael works in Higher Education Outcomes, Integration and as a Data Strategy Consultant. He is also working with WEquil.School to develop a WEquil.School diploma process.

We reached out to him to be guest speaker for this weeks demo day topic on Know Thyself and the Personalized Economy because of his expertise in integrating personality types, more specifically the MBTI model, into his work in higher education.

You can learn more about him and what he does here:

WEquil.Capital - 3 PM EST

WEquil.Capital is as branch of WEquil Group focused on building the most collaborative hedge fund in the world by following the same deep learning process students, and all members across WEquil Group use to learn most effectively and efficiently.

Project Links

Five Themes of the Personalized Economy by Rishi Daryanani and Joe WEquil

WEquil.Startups - 4 PM EST

WEquil.Startups is a branch of WEquil Group that helps people grow their business ideas to reach equilibrium.

Project Links

Flutter WebApp Template by Brandon McEachern

Blend & Mix by Chinedu Nwabuisi

Guest Speaker

The guest speaker for the WEquil.Startups demo is Michael Mboya, CTO of WEquil.App to talk about how we are building WEquil.App to be personalized.

You can learn more about him at


How to Watch Demo Day?

To watch demo day's Live go to the WEquil School Facebook page.

To watch past demo days go to the WEquil YouTube Channel


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