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Welcome to WEquil.School!

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

WEquil.School is a free private school and global learning community. We provide learning resources for children and adults including a K-12 path to graduation as well as higher education opportunities. We also provide a framework for members to teach their own classes and start their own businesses and receive certifications, degrees and a diploma backed by the support of our community and links to demonstrations by students showcasing their ability to apply their knowledge to create real value for the real world.

In this article we answer common questions by new members and those new to WEquil.

  1. What is WEquil.School!

  2. How to join?

  3. How to get started?

  4. What is a Creative Project

  5. What is Deep Learning?

  6. What is Demo Day?

1. What is WEquil.School?

WEquil.School uses a project based plus self-directed approach that helps kids and adults learn to love learning by doing real things that build on their unique strengths and interests. We learn about everything and publish multiple new projects every day to demonstrate to ourselves and the world the power of learning by doing.

2. How to join?

WEquil.School is free global learning community. Everyone is free to join our global learning community by clicking "Join WEquil.School" on the home page of www.WEquil.School. From there you will be taken to our WEquil Slack Group where families in our community can get to know our leadership. We will ask you to complete the information in our application on the home page to verify your identity and arrange a call over the phone, Facebook messenger, or Whatsapp. We do this to ensure new members is human, and demonstrate interest in being a positive force in our community.

3. How to get started?

Getting started is made easy by our "Welcome to WEquil" class every Monday at 10am and 6PM EST for new members of WEquil Group. At this class, Mr Joe WEquil and other leaders meet new members and walk them through our "Deep Learning" philosophy, all our learning communities, and opportunities for kids, young adults, parents, developers, teachers, entrepreneurs and working professionals across all subjects.

Key steps to getting started include...

  1. Create a profile on the WEquil.School Slack group.

  2. Share an "About Me" project in the "New Members" channel.

  3. Join our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

To create your "About Me" project, all you have to do is share three fun facts about yourself along with at least one picture or video. Sumay, our 12 year old Founder and CEO of WEquil.School create her "About Me" project in 10 minutes using our "Five Paragraph" framework live on YouTube in 10 no excuses.

Once you create your "About Me" project, share it with the community in the "New Members" page. By completing this project you are demonstrating your interest in being an active contributor to our community while also building relationships with other members.

After that our leadership team will send adults (18+) an invite to be a blog writer on WEquil.School. Parents are responsible for reviewing projects like the "About Me" project before posting on our website.

You can learn more about WEquil by visiting our website at which includes videos, articles, and initiatives across our global learning community.

4. What is a Creative Project?

WEquil.School provides a wide and growing range of activities and opportunities for humans of all ages and every walk of life. To learn about these activities, go to our home page and click through the pages on the top ribbon including Activities, Kids, Adults, Classes, Projects and App. There is so much to do at WEquil.School but all of our activities result in "Creative Projects".

We provide several templates to help kids get started with their Creative Projects in the Kids page of our website. To get started, watch this video created by our founding kids.

The process of coming up with Creative Projects is called the Creative Learning Process. Here is an example from one of our early interviews. Parents may find these more detailed instructions on "Project Based Learning" useful while helping their kids generate project ideas which includes a list of 20 questions to ask them the way we demonstrate in the video below.

The Creative Learning Process essentially comes down to three simple questions:

  1. What are your interests?

  2. Why?

  3. How can you help others using your strengths and interests?

Students who learn by doing real things learn faster ... especially when those things stem from their strengths and interests. That is the power of our process. By asking these questions we help young people (and adults also) discover a new source of curiosity and energy. Channeling that curiosity and energy, by harnessing the power of their uniqueness, is the catalyst that gets new members rolling.

Our Virtual Classrooms provide the best resources and project ideas to get a new student started. Slack channels have corresponding "Classes''. This encourages members to build relationships and collaborate around shared deep interests like 3D Printing, App Building, Animation, Lifeschool, and a growing list of other educational topics.

5. What is Deep Learning?

Deep Learning is a form of active learning where members create something of value to share with the school...and in time with the world. Deep Learning is a process we created from our five Principles of Learning. Our Founder and CEO Sumay provided a deep dive into everything that she learned about educating young people over the course of her team's research including over a hundred interviews and insights from leading minds in EdTech and Entrepreneurship.

  1. Teach to problems not tools

  2. No grades, iterate and improve

  3. Share and learn with others

  4. Build on strengths, interests and passions

  5. Teaching is a great way to learn

Deep Learning operationalizes these principles into the process below...

  1. Use the Creative Learning Process to identify a project idea.

  2. Create a Minimum Viable Project ... the simplest possible version of the idea.

  3. Share your MVP with WEquil.School and ask for feedback.

  4. Iterate and improve your MVP into a Creative Project worthy of publishing.

  5. Demonstrate your project by teaching others on Demo Day.

The power of this simple process is evident in the result for students at WEquil.School who quickly become exceedingly confident, curious, and learn to love learning.

6. What is Demo Day?

Our schedule revolves around Demo Day which is held every Saturday. Each Demo Day has a theme...but members are welcome to pursue whatever Creative Projects that they desire. All members are encouraged to take part in this process and use it as a tool for learning and growing relationships in our community.

Our members are given space on our website to publish projects. We have provided instructions for how to sign up for a Wix account and publish on our website.


That concludes our introduction to WEquil.School! The best part of our learning community is helping kids take charge of their education by building real world skills today because they are making the real world a better place. If your kids are already doing this...but having trouble finding a school that appreciates them for who they are...and gives them the network and tools to achieve success...apply to WEquil.School...and include "We read your welcome letter" in the subject line.

Finally, please give us your feedback on our welcome letter. We succeed by listening to you.


WEquil Group Leadership Team


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