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What are your Deep Interests?

Recommended project by the WEquil family.

For many years now our family has been talking about the concept of "Deep Interests". These would be interests that relate to learning, growing, and creating value for other people.

Not all interests meet this criteria. Watching TV is probably not a Deep Interest unless you are watching say a documentary or something otherwise educational or insightful. Sports can be a Deep Interest if you are playing them... but watching someone else play a sport might not be. All “Deep Interest” provide more than just entertainment value...they need to help people grow.

We want to help kids discover and connect around their Deep Interests because this seems to be a valuable way to cultivate Deep Relationships! Sumay and I wrote a project about this last year called "Deep Relationships with Jordan Peterson". If you have not read it I recommend it before reading this article further.

When we move to the WEquil.App we will want to include "Deep Interest" tags on projects. Every Creative Project should have at least one “Deep Interest”. Kids have a hard time figuring out what their interests are. do grownups...but it’s particularly hard for kids because they lack exposure. We also know from our research that kids (and grownups) build deeper relationships when they share deep interests...not just playing games and watching movies. By connecting the Creative Projects using these tags we think we can help kids discover their Deep Interests and better connect with others that share these interests!

To help get started I would like to propose that members of WEquil.School publish a Creative Project on their Deep Interests! Please do so by organizing them within our five pillars. Here are some of ours..

WEquil Deep Interests

Pillar 1 - Creative Intelligence

Science Fiction, Roleplay, Art, Music, Civics

Pillar 2 - Intellectual Intelligence

History, Economics, Finance, Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Mathematics

Pillar 3 - Emotional Intelligence

Psychology, Sociology, Personality Types, Love Languages, Communication Styles, Relationships, Marriage, Parenting

Pillar 4 - Digital Intelligence

Social media, Apps, Flutter, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Software, Data, Automation, Statistics

Pillar 5 - Practical Intelligence

Personal Finance, Career Building, Job Searching, Money, Investing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, Taxes, Public Speaking, Mental Models, Human Biases, Relationships, Nutrition, Exercise, Personalities, Meditation, Writing


Looking forward to learning about your deep interests!


WEquil Family


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