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Evolving Education: A 1000 Times Yes!

Let's rethink education.

Long gone should the days be where you have to buy an expensive home in an expensive neighborhood for a "better" education. Long gone should the days be where students AND teachers are frightened in a school building when you aren't lucky enough to be in a "good school." Heck, long gone should the days be when teachers freaking need to pee when the need arises. And while I'm at it, can I throw in my personal preference that long gone should the days be where class sizes are TOO LARGE to meet the needs of each and every student? And for my special education teacher friends, long gone should the days be when your paperwork load surpasses your ability to have precious time with your precious students! Can we go ahead and start hiring Individual Education Plan virtual assistants for our students and teachers already? That is for another blog, but I couldn't write this without expressing my passion here.

I'm giddy with the exploration of "how technology could reduce

'educational inequality', including English as a new language students; how technology can be used to meet educational needs of students with disabilities; how educators can be provided with more tools to use technology; how technology can break down barriers to K to 12, college and universities and provide greater access no matter where a student lives." Yes, Governor Cuomo, yes!

I'm a mover and a shaker and a positive, creative thinker, and Cuomo's thought processes are my jam.

In every tragedy, beauty rises. The "new normal" can be a blessing!