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Dear Ark Invest...

Help WEquil.Capital get our kids excited about STEM!

We have an opportunity to help our families connect with leading minds in the world of STEM! Our COO of WEquil.Capital, Rishi Daryanani, and his brother Vishal Daryanani worked most of the past 24 hours to create the video message (below) to a leading research firm that specializes in "Disruptive Innovation" called Ark Invest, led by a woman named Cathie Wood. Please share this tweet on Twitter if you can, so that her team takes an interest in collaborating with our School! Backstory... My wife and I are able to fund the school independently in large part because we don't buy things we don't need and with the success of investing our savings over the past decade. About 2.5 years ago, we stumbled across Cathie Wood doing an interview with Elon Musk and found her research to be accurate. We also found Ark Invest research to be a great tool for getting our daughters excited about STEM! Many of you know that our daughters Sumay and Aila are into 3DPrinting and Genomics technology. What you may not know is that they helped us write dozens of investing research articles and produce a few in-depth videos about a wide range of Disruptive Innovations during this time, including Solar, EVs, Plant-Based Meat, and commodity markets connected to the electrification of our global economy.

Investing has been a powerful tool for our family to better understand the new technologies that are shaping our children's future. Investing is also a great way to help kids understand how value is created, how to manage risk, how to cultivate curiosity and critical thinking skills, and how to appreciate the complexity of our new digital, personalized global economy.

If our team at WEquil.Capital succeeds at getting Cathie Wood's attention at Ark Invest, I can't wait to show them WEquil.School's Genomics and 3D Printing Demo Day! Our "Principles of Learning" includes a reference to the school at SpaceX where kids do Project Based Learning...just like us! Our community benefits when Entrepreneurs, Scholars, and Business Leaders across all disciplines join and support our Demo Days, Innovators Series, and connect us with their networks! Let's help grow our relationships with Ark Invest as a path to growing our network of leaders in STEM.


Joe "WEquil" and WEquil Group Leadership



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