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Who is Mrs. Evelyn Educates?

Mrs. Evelyn Shaw Corley (Mrs. Evelyn Educates) is a visionary leader in the world of international education. She is an advocate for diversity, mental health, and equity in education.

Currently, she serves as the CEO for both Mrs. Evelyn International Academy and Evelyn Educates Tutoring.

Her greatest joy in this life is being the wife to her dear husband, Alex. Their love story is unique, and as her husband said, "If you can't see God's hand in us being together, can you see God's hand in anything at all?"

To that, she responded that she sees God's hand in everything. In fact, Mrs. Evelyn knows the reason of her success is her believe in a Loving Universe, and she is highly spiritual and supportive of all faiths, backgrounds, and belief systems.

Mrs. Evelyn began teaching in 2005 after attending The University of Georgia and obtaining a degree in Middle School Education. She later earned her M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction receiving a 4.0 from LaGrange College, a private university in Georgia. She wrote a thesis on the integration of Literature and Language Arts. (She has many a personal opinion about this matter if ever you wish to discuss it with her!)

Her teaching experiences span from elementary school through high school, and she has stories of immense joy and tremendous pain. She has strong opinions about growing up, real feelings, embracing diversity, advocating for youth and mental health, and she also has a passion for music and the arts.

She is a believer that if what you wish to be does not exist, create it. Let us not complain; let us build our visions into reality.

Mrs. Evelyn appreciates and embraces your thoughts and opinions and looks forward to connecting with you. She believes the world is our beautiful, magical home filled with glorious, varying feelings and perspectives, and she serves with open arms and love in her heart.



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