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The Great Resignation WEquil Live

In this episode of WEquil Live Sumay and Mr WEquil talk about the Great Resignation that is occurring. Here are the charts that were displayed during the WEquil Live:


What if the news was more positive and focused on what matters?

Sumay is coming up on episode 100 in her WEquil Live TV show! This is our morning talk show where we provide some entertainment as well as insights on childhood education and now our take on the news every Monday through Thursday at 8am EST

Over the past year WEquil Live has hosted dozens of interviews with entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world, panels of education experts, and insights from kids and parents on childhood education and the future of work.

Now we also share insights on important news + events + trends that we believe will be important years in the future. We won't be reporting on extreme (non-representative) "click-bait" type stories. Also we will generally be emphasizing positive stories and insights as opposed to the relentless negative bent of most news stations. Instead we will focus on the trends and events we believe are uplifting and have "staying power" and in terms of their relevance both today and well into the future.

Today we are discussing the "Great Resignation" and well as the Fed's shift toward tighter monetary policy. We also discuss Elon' Musk's take on Infrastructure spending and the implications of governments picking winners and losers.

Tune in every Monday through Thursday at 8am EST.



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