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Rethinking Childhood Education

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Dedication: This essay is dedicated to my daughters Aila and Sumay, as well as their good friend Aanya. Your creation of, “Makeshift Homeschool”, during the coronavirus outbreak inspired me to share my deeply personal story in hopes that it may help more kids learn to love learning.

Dear Teachers and Parents,

I failed Kindergarten...and was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) shortly after. Most of my childhood I thought I was dumb. This was my big secret...but sometimes life presents opportunities to share our secrets in hopes that they may help a greater good.

As I write this essay, schools across the country are shut down, and parents are being forced to juggle work and educate their kids. For many parents...this is a struggle. But for many’s the first time they are being treated like individuals with their own unique strengths and interests.

In this essay I share my own experience struggling through the traditional public education system, a system that has not changed much since the industrial revolution. I then provide several reasons why I believe that our digital age and our creativity driven economy require a rethink of childhood education.

My hope is that my story can inspire others who felt or feel like failures … who never got the benefit of early childhood education, tutors, and a stable family. These are gifts my wife and I bring to our daughters today, and they make a difference. But the only thing that really matters is learning to love learning.