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Going Green with Corinne Leigh

Sumay is teaming up with Corinne Leigh to help save the planet! They go live tonight on the WEquil YouTube channel at 8PM EST. You can watch by subscribing to the same channel at the WEquil.School Promo video video below! This articles includes some details about Corinne and how Sumay wants to encourage students to join her in Going Green!

Corinne has a big personality and an even bigger heart. When I first met her I had no idea she was a big time YouTuber and TV star. All she wanted to talk about was Sumay and WEquil.School. That was four months ago...and she has probably spent ten hours or so helping our team learn create movies, market, brand, and all those little details you need to do to create a powerful message using social media.

Three weeks ago we got an idea to do a "Green Demo Day" because Corinne and Sumay share a passion for helping improve the health of the planet. Many students have been writing articles about climate change, green energy, electric vehicles, and even some policy pieces on how the government can create better incentives for living lighter on the earth.

Tonight's interview with Corinne and Sumay will detail why they believe this is such an important topic and how we can work together to make a difference. Kids and Parents at WEquil.School are welcome to watch and start thinking about projects and habits we can implement to live more sustainably. Investors in WEquil.Capital are invited to start thinking about investing opportunities in the space. We are also actively looking for an Entrepreneur in WEquil.Startups who is helping to create solutions. Elon Musk was not able to be reached for an interview.

Join us tonight at our YouTube channel!


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