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Mastery and Mindset: The Evelyn Educates Approach

When students have gaps in their learning, at some point school becomes an overwhelming place in which students can often feel defeated. When our teacher team nurtures these learning gaps through starting where the student IS in their learning ability rather than the grade level, confidence and success are forever lasting as students move forward with their goals in their growth mindset and success in both collegiate and career experiences.

***When you practice until you have fully mastered the concepts before moving forward, the magic happens. Every student is beautifully made with gifts, talents, and varying ability levels.***

In a traditional school setting, students are often pushed forward to more advanced topics before they are ready, and if this learning had been taken at the individual pace of the student, confidence and success shine! At our International Academy and Tutoring Company, we understand that students are individuals who need individualized attention and support. B's and C's do not demonstrate mastery. It demonstrates gaps. We recognize that all students can be A students with mastery-based learning, and this is what we offer. Growth mindset, grit, and confidence bloom and last. Every student is capable. Every student can learn and grow. Every student has the right to learn at their own pace and contribute to the world through mastery and grace.



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