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Know Thy Family

One of the many ways you can know about yourself is by knowing about your family. What they are like, what their values are, and what their favorite things are. Today we will be talking about why knowing about your family is important, how you can get to know your family, and what I have learned about my family. Knowing about your family is very important. They are going to be your family for your entire life.

Your family is very important, they help you learn and grow to become a better person. Plus a big bonus is if your friends can’t play your siblings probably could! It’s a good idea to get to know the people you’ll be spending your life with so you can help them learn and become better people too. You can either avoid them and probably be miserable, or you can help them with their journey through life so they can do the same.

There are many ways you can get to learn about your family. Here are some of my favorites and why they work. You could play a game with them, a board game, a card game, a cooperative game, or anything in between will work! As long as it’s not a video game though as those don’t really count. Playing a game with family can be a great way to learn about each other! You can learn how competitive they are, what games they like. Plus it gives a great time to talk with them! Another thing you could do is just talk with each other, you’ll never know you’ll find out, and any topic works! You could debate if certain scientific facts are true or false, you can talk about memories of time you spent with each other, or you can just talk about normal life! School, play, work. Anything works! One final thing you can do is work together on something. Sibling needs help with their homework? You can help them and make sure they get it, and it gives your parents a break. You need help building your legos? You can ask a sibling or parent to help you sort the legos and follow the instructions! Any of these things allows you to talk and spend time with your family in a meaningful way, and the best part is! You don’t have to do just what I said! You can do anything you want! As long as it’s meaningful and it gives you an opportunity to talk, It’ll work.

So what have I learned about my family? I learned that my sister loves crafts, my second to youngest brother loves to smile, my third to youngest brother is quiet and likes to read, and my brother who is just younger than me is very competitive and loves sports. So what have I learned from them? I’ve learned that a smile can always brighten someone’s day, I’ve learned how to make various things such as bracelets, I learned about a book series that I really enjoy, and I’ve learned to love sports a little more.

So what have you learned from this article? We talked about why knowing about your family is important, how you can get to know your family, and what I have learned about my family. But what did you learn, and what will you do to learn about your family? I wrote this article so that people who don’t know much about their parents, brothers, and sisters could know how to learn more about them, and I hope that you will follow out with my wish



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