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Joe Bidens Infrastructure plan

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

Recently Khyati Nayak posted an article on Biden’s proposed budget for infrastructure on the wequil Evolutionomics Facebook channel.

Joe Biden unveiled his first proposed budget on 9 April, and it signaled strong support for research and development. The spending plan would provide across-the-board increases in science funding and inject billions into the fights against COVID-19 and climate change.

The budget proposal would raise core funding for research and development across nearly every major federal science agency, including historic increases to improve public health and battle racial injustices. In line with a US$2.3-trillion infrastructure proposal released by Biden on 31 March, the budget puts a clear emphasis on applied research and development programs intended to make the United States healthier, cleaner, and more competitive.

While the bill is being debated and reworked, the emphasis on innovation is evident. Looking to understand how this type of spending proposal combined with the pandemic affects the -

1) Economy (biggest question ever)

2) Innovation

3) Mental Health

4) Environment/Climate

I took it upon myself to answer these questions.

1. Economy: It will positively impact the economy. Because of this bill, more people will get jobs, doing things such as fixing highways, rebuilding bridges, and more. As a result, the people with new jobs will start pumping money into the economy. As a result, the economy will improve.

2. Innovation: The plan will provide funding to nearly every major federal science agency. This funding will help new ideas for curing diseases, renewable energy sources, and many other things come into play.

3. Mental Health: It would improve mental health greatly, it would make the United States healthier and cleaner with better jobs and healthcare, resulting in better mental health across the board.

4. Climate: Using the $2.3 Trillion American Jobs Plan Biden plans on building an electric transmission system that moves cheap, clean electricity nationwide. Modernize power generation to deliver clean electricity. Plug orphan oil and gas wells and clean up abandoned mines. Public land and water conservation jobs.

In conclusion, this spending proposal will positively help the economy, innovation, mental health, and climate. If passed the proposal will be a major game-changer for America.



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