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Chinese Speaking Club

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Are you looking to improve your Chinese language skills? Join our Chinese speaking club!

Our club is a fun and interactive way to practice speaking Chinese with others who are also learning the language. Whether you're a beginner or advanced learner, our club is the perfect place to improve your speaking, listening, and comprehension skills.

Our club meets on a regular basis and is led by native Chinese speakers who will guide you through conversation exercises and activities to help you build your confidence in speaking Chinese. You'll also have the opportunity to learn about Chinese culture.

Don't let your Chinese language skills stagnate, join our club today and take your Chinese speaking to the next level!

How to join

Step 1 - Signup!

WEquil.School charges a small fee to host the club. This fee gives your student access to all of our clubs! You can subscribe for a free weekly trial and cancel anytime on our website.

Step 2 - Join Room

Once you sign up, WEquil School will invite you to our Speaking Chinese Club Room on our app at the link below accessible through the web.

You can also join from our mobile app by downloading it from the Apple App store or Google Play Store. Just search for "WEquil App" and then join Speaking Chinese Club.

Link for iphone users:

Link for Android users:

Feel free to introduce yourself to other parents in the room once you join!

Step 3 - Prepare for your first meetup

New members are encouraged to introduce themselves, suggest for topics for discussion in the Room and share your first "project" to present!

Club Format

Every member of the Club is invited to introduce themselves and share something about themselves, such as recent vacations, hobbies or favorite movies etc.

You may want to write it down and publish it on the app and upload it into the Speaking Chinese Club Room. We made a short video explaining how to publish. Once published you can upload to the Speaking Chinese Club Room by clicking on the black up arrow icon under the Discussion Board inside the room.

Why join?

Practicing speaking Chinese can help improve your pronunciation and comprehension of the language. It can also help you become more confident in speaking the language. In addition, practicing speaking Chinese can help you build your vocabulary and improve your grammar skills. It can also broaden your cultural knowledge and understanding, as you learn about the customs and practices of Chinese-speaking communities. Overall, practicing speaking Chinese can be a rewarding and enriching experience that can help you communicate more effectively and connect with others in a meaningful way.


Thank you for your interest in our Speaking Chinese Club!



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