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Updated: Jan 5, 2021

The Atmosphere is probably the most known out of the four spheres -- Geosphere(earth), Hydrosphere(water), and The Biosphere (life) (See my other lessons on the other spheres) -- Giving us a wonderful planet and keeping us safe from spacey visitors. Today we are going to talk about three things, what is The Atmosphere made of, Why is it important for our lives, and how does The Atmosphere interact with the other spheres?

The Atmosphere is made of a lot of things, but it is easier to talk about it if I just narrow it down. It’s just the air that surrounds us, but when you think about where we can find the atmosphere, it seems pretty big. The Atmosphere is EVERYWHERE ON EARTH! It is above Antarctica, it’s over the ocean, in the dentists, and it’s even in your own house. So no matter where you are, you have a pretty high chance that you’re surrounded by the Atmosphere. While the Atmosphere is just air, that air is made up of a lot of elements and gases, and because of that it keeps a balance that allows life on Earth. If the Atmosphere was made up of just oxygen everyone would be blind. Some of these other elements and gases that make up the Atmosphere are, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrogen and Nitrogen, but because it is made of all of these gases you are not able to see it.

The Atmosphere is everywhere and made of a lot of different gases, and it’s for a very good reason. If the atmosphere didn’t exist there would be no air for us to breathe and only aquatic life could be possible. If there was no atmosphere we would be something like fish. Except, even fish and sharks need oxygen which the ocean gets by the waves mixing and churning with the Atmosphere. Also, the Atmosphere burns up any small meteors that come into the Atmosphere, slowing them down so we can stay safe. So without the Atmosphere life would be a LOT more dangerous and we would be living in the water. Except, even fish and sharks need oxygen which the ocean gets by the waves mixing and churning with the Atmosphere.

The Atmosphere is important, but when it is working with the other spheres that’s when things get interesting. The number one way that the Atmosphere interacts with the other spheres is weather with The Hydrosphere (water). When the water of the Hydrosphere evaporates and then forms up in the sky known as clouds. the Atmosphere then pushes the clouds with wind to other places for the cloud to rain on later. Moving the water all over the world providing different nutrients from all over the world in different places each time. The Atmosphere also erodes the Geosphere by blowing wind and moving looser dirt and really small rocks


Today we learned what the Atmosphere is made of, why the Atmosphere is important for our lives, and how the Atmosphere interacts with the other spheres. Oh, and those “spacy visitors”. Those were the meteors I talked about in the third paragraph, Sorry alien fans! But at least we can always have the atmosphere keeping us safe and alive, and no matter where we are or live. We can still know that the Atmosphere is all around us, keeping us safe

Question 1: Where can you find the Atmosphere?


  2. Only on mars

  3. In the ocean

  4. Everywhere in the universe

Question 2: If the Atmosphere disappeared, what is the only life that would be possible?

Correct: No life

Wrong: Alien life

Wrong: Aquatic life

Wrong: Mountain life

Question 3: How does the Atmosphere move clouds?

Correct: Wind

Wrong: Solar Wind

Wrong: Tornados

Wrong: Water currents

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