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3D Printing at WEquil.School

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

By Sumay Lu

Hey WEquil.School! Many of our members are interested in 3D printing so I am providing this summary of all our resources! We are a one stop shop for kids and adults that want to create new products or just learn more about the technology of 3D Printing and additive manufacturing!

My first 3D printer was the Ender 3 and is a very good 3D printer and also on the low end in terms of costs. Click the picture below to learn more...

The Ender 3 does require you to put it together, but isn’t too complicated and there are many resources online in case you run into issues. There are multiple versions of the Ender 3 but I would recommend the one I linked above because the Ender 3 pro has a magnetic bed plate that doesn’t work and just adds cost. You will also need to get filament and there are different types which I have wrote about in this article (click picture below).

Keep in mind that not all filaments work for all types of 3D printers but PLA works with pretty much all of them. You can get PLA filament on Amazon and a few other online stores. Most 3D printers require a 1.75 mm thick filament. Here is one on Amazon but pretty much any one you find should be good:

The last resource you’ll need to get started is some websites where people post their 3D designs. There are many that you can find but the one I use the most is ...

We have a lot of members working on 3D Printing projects. We also have lots of exciting opportunities to grow our community while learning by using this technology. Check out some of these videos to learn more and let me know if you have any questions!

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Jennifer DeVille
Jennifer DeVille
Aug 07, 2021

Love it, thanks for all the info!

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