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The Three (Common) States of Matter

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

The universe we live in is all made up of matter. Matter is EVERYTHING you will ever see in your life just to give an example, matter is your bike, your money, the device you are currently using to read these very words, you, grass, trees, bees, and fleas. Matter comes in three common forms, or states. Today we will be talking about those three states which are solids, liquids, and gases.

Before we talk about the states of matter we need to talk about how they change from form to each other, in order for the matter to change states they need to gain or lose energy in other words, they need to gain or lose heat, to go from solid to liquid to gas you need to gain heat, and vice versa to change from a gas to a liquid to a solid. Okay, now that we have that out of the way we can talk about the first form of matter; solids. Solids have the least amount of energy out of all the common states of matter. Solids include your bike, your water bottle, your tv, and ice. They have a definite shape which means they don’t flow or take the shape of its container. To start flowing around solids need to heat up to turn into a liquid.

Liquids are a fine thing, liquid water makes up about 96.57% of the Earth's surface. Liquids are all flowy. They like to take the shape of the container they are in, and if there is no container. They like to flow outward and make a big mess that you’re gonna have to clean up. Liquids include your water, milk, oil, clouds, and blood. While liquids flow freely there is another state of matter that flows like crazy. They are called gases and they are what happens when liquids are heated up

Gases are the most energetic common form of matter. They have no definite shape and they don’t take the shape of their container. Most gases you can see include oxygen, carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen. Air is a mixture of gases that make up the atmosphere around earth. There are other states of matter that we know of but you don’t really see them on earth naturally. Plasma is another state of matter. Plasma is your fire, lightning, and it is used in neon signs.

Today we talked about the three most common states of matter; solids, liquids, and gases. These three states of matter make up almost everything on earth from a tiny speck of dust to all of the oceans. Just like matter, we are capable of change too. We can make changes in our life that help us become better people. From flossing and brushing our teeth to remembering that we all make mistakes, and I hope that you were able to learn something about everything and you in this article.


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