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Talking to Kids

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

By Anya, Joe & Sumay McPhail

Hello Parents!

WEquil.School is coming out with a new in depth series of interviews on our TV show about Talking to Kids! We want to meet with potentially interested families that have stories and insights on how to empower young people. This challenging topic with a lot of differing opinions and emotions behind them. We wish to engage with caring parents and confident young people who can help us deliver creative positive insights for both kids and adults.

Join our WEquil School Facebook Group or our private group on Rethinking Education for updates. Those interested in potentially participating are welcome to email .


WEquil.School's mission is to help young people around the world develop confidence and cultivate curiosity by using their unique strengths to add value to others. We help them do this through a project based learning platform that encourages kids to demonstrate projects they create and in so doing become teachers to other kids that share their passions. This model is incredibly powerful as our Demo Days can attest ... but the greatest success stories come with love and support from parents.