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Leadership Demo day

Updated: Jul 22, 2021


Upcoming Demo day on September 4! Lead by Aanya M, a class Moderator and Flutter Instructor.

We will discuss leadership principles with Kunal M, a Manager, TPM at Amazon during this demo day. We will discuss various topics surrounding leadership principles such as Amazon's Leadership Principles, how we use Leadership Principles every day, and how Leadership Principles impact what we do! Joining this demo day would be a great experience for you to learn what leadership principles are and to learn how amazon works and understand Amazon's leadership principles! Projects we are looking for, include: what are leadership principles, how to apply leadership principles, what is a leader, how to become a leader, and how leadership principles affect our lives.

Guest Speaker

Graduate from Clemson University, Kunal M. will be presenting on the upcoming leadership demo day. He worked at CGI for almost 7 years, before becoming a TPM manager at Amazon.

How to participate

Families from anywhere are welcome to participate in our Demo Day by joining our public Facebook Group. From here you will receive updates on our Theme of the week, upcoming Demo Days, and resources from our website on how to learn by doing! Then you share your Creative Projects with other members of the group!

We broadcast our public Demo to everyone in this Facebook group at 2pm EST. We also record these and put them up on our YouTube channel. Check out this recent Demo Day on Psychology with student led presentations and insights from our guest speaker Dr Bergman of Harvard Medical School!

How to become a WEquil school member?

We also have a private group for member families that wish to share with others that demonstrated a strong desire to join. To join the private group you will need to submit an application through home page of www.WEquil.School with a Creative Project that satisfies our guidelines.

Demo Day is a really important part of WEquil.School. We don't have grades ... we learn from a process of Creating Projects that we share with other members of WEquil.School. We then go through an iterative process of improvement until our project is ready to present. To participate in our public Demo Day you need to be a full member of WEquil.School. Anyone in the world can apply, but only friends of existing members or those who have participated in our Demo Days will be considered.

If you have any question about the upcoming leadership demo day please reach out to Aanya M. on slack. Thank you for your interest.


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