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Java Basics

Hi! In this article, I will show you all the commands you need to know to begin working and building at WequilCraft. Everything here is a fraction of what you will learn in my Java Coding Class. If you want to join my class, contact either Joe Wequil, or me, Benny, on the slack group. You can also visit my website at Java Coding Class | WEquil School for more information on the class. If you don't have Minecraft: Java Edition, you can read my article here on how to buy it for $26 USD: How to get Minecraft

If you don't know, we are planning on creating a ton of things on the new WequilCraft Creative server. Because of this, we want to recruit a large amount of Java Coders to get this job done! One thing we need to first understand is what a command is. A command in Minecraft is a string of code allowing you to do many things: summon crazy mobs, fill a large area with any block instantly, and a bunch more. If you know how to use Java Commands, you can pretty much do anything you want inside Minecraft.

When we want to use any type of Java Coding, we have to make sure that we have OP, or Operating Permissions. If you try anything below without having OP, nothing will happen when you try to run commands. To get OP, you can join the WequilCraft server. To do this, when you open Minecraft, go to 'multiplayer', then Direct Connect, and type in this IP:

Click on 'Connect', and you should be on the server! If you aren't or are having problems, contact me on the Slack Group.

If you want to acquire OP on a singleplayer world, create a new world, enable cheats, and set the gamemode to Creative.

To start a command, you need to go into Minecraft, and then open your chat using T.

Then, we can type in a forward-slash to start a command. It looks like this: /

A bunch of words will pop up, and these are the commands we can choose from.

First, we want to start with the summon command.

This command allows us to summon any mob in the game. We can start this by typing in 'summon' after our slash. It should look something like this:


Then, we want to type in the mob we want to summon. You can do Zombie, Skeleton, or whatever you want. Even a wither or Ender Dragon! One quick tip, though: if the entity you want to summon has a space in its name, use an underscore.

After your command is finished, you can press enter! Mine looked like this: