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Webpage made by Cadence and Benny

Java Coding Class

Welcome to Java in Minecraft  In this class, we learn different command block functions and how to manipulate the inner workings of Minecraft, using the object-oriented coding language, Java.  This page is where we share tutorial videos, blog posts, as well as different ideas to spark imagination in my students!

How to get Minecraft


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Cadence Smith
Java Instructor

We created this course to help young people learn to use Minecraft as a tool for learning. In this course you will learn how to join our server, script with Java, create custom data packs, design custom blocks, and use WorldEdit to create 3D Schematics of your creations!

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Benny Florendo
Java Instructor
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How to Join

Video Lessons

Lesson #1 - Introduction to Java in Minecraft

Lesson #4 - Introduction to World Edit

Lesson #2 - Give Command

Lesson #3 - XYZ Coordinates


Get Started

Join our WEquilCraft Server


Join our Minecraft server "WEquilCraft" by logging into our WebApp at WEquil.App. You can also click the image of the castle. This will take you to the WebApp where you can login with Facebook or Google.

Once you are in the WebApp, join our "WEquilCraft" room which is one of many rooms on the app so you may need to scroll down. Once you join you will see two launchers. Click the one associated with your computer (Mac vs Windows) and download all the required mods.

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Once you are on the server you can reach out to either Cadence Smith or Bad Ronin on Slack to be whitelisted on the Server. 

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